Energy Talks
Energy Talks
Apr 13, 2022
#30: Preventing Disaster: Wildfire Mitigation at Electric Utilities
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Find out how Pacific Gas & Electric is reducing the risk of wildfire sparks from downed power lines.

We are all aware about the present and increasing risk of devastating wildfires all over the world, especially those recently experienced in Australia and the western United States. Prolonged dry conditions in these regions have greatly increased the risk of wildfires starting and spreading with alarming speed.

Wildfires cause not only massive destruction to the power system infrastructure, often that same infrastructure is discovered to be the initial source of the fire. After all, it only takes a spark in dry, windy conditions.

In this episode, we will learn how Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a major U.S. utility in northern California, is implementing their zero-tolerance policy for wildfire sparks caused by downed power lines. Specifically, we will find out how recloser controls and the regular testing thereof play an important role in wildfire mitigation at electric utilities to reduce the risk of wildfires.

👉 Learn more about Recloser Control Testing

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