Weekly Wrap | REDCycle, Billionaires, COP27 Update, Rings of Power, Bees, and Dobby the house elf
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Friday, November 11th, 2022: This week in the sustainability news cycle…

There's no denying that the BIGGEST story to rock the nation this week is REDcycle. Everyone's talking about how the soft plastic recycling scheme has been caught in a lie, sending the waste not off to be recycled but to a warehouse to be stockpiled. 

There's more controversy where that came from as both Billionaires and Rings of Power (yes, the Lord of the Rings spin-off show) land themselves in hot water. We're talking mass consumption and mass waste reports coming out of both camps. 

We give you the top headlines stories out of COP27 now that we're about a week in to the summit and Krissi drops some delightfully uplifting news about bees. 

And if you didn't know it already, it turns out Dobby the house elf is apparently going to be sustainability's undoing. 

Get the full rundown:

Coles, Woolworths recycling scheme collapses after secret stockpile revealed (via SMH)

The fire that sparked the end of Coles and Woolies plastic recycling program (via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Billionaires burning more carbon than a country (via The Oz)

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says climate change policy is impossible without peace (via ABC News)

Where are all the women? (Post by She Changes Climate on LinkedIn)

Serious concerns raised in NZ about environmental impact of major productions including Amazon’s Rings of Power (via The Guardian)

New native bee species with distinctive 'snout' discovered in Perth's Kings Park (via ABC News)

'Potter' Fans Place Socks at Dobby's Gravesite — but They Put Wildlife at Risk (via Green Matters)

We’re also following…

With no recycling, what should you do with your plastic bags and pasta packets? (via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Ditch Cyber Weekend and Black Friday, opt for Green Friday instead

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