Weekly Wrap | BOM, Shein, The 2022 Ethical Fashion Report, Pat Cummins, and Cow snot lube
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Friday, October 21st, 2022: This week in the sustainability news cycle…

It's all about the rebrand...'weather' people want it or not. The Bureau aka BOM has not only ticked off our Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek but turned their overly loyal fans against them, in one messy and unnecessary swoop. 

Moving out of the clouds and into the wardrobe, fashion has a pretty big week as well. Not only did an undercover investigation into Shein get released but the 2022 Ethical Fashion Report dropped, and as we rummaged through the bottom drawers, we discovered the math just ain't mathing on this one. 

Everybody's boyfriend Pat Cummins re-enters the chat and cows become the latest player in the adult sex toy and sexual health realm. No, we're not making this up. You might be seeing lube made from cow snot on the shelves soon. Sustainability really is the gift that keeps on givin'. 

Get the full rundown:

$220K Bureau of Meteorology rebranding ‘ridiculous’, says Plibersek (via SMH)

Inside the Shein Machine: UNTOLD (via Channel 4)

Shein Is Even Worse Than You Thought (via The Cut)

Shein factory workers get 35 cents per garment, work 18-hour days, a new report says(via Business Insider)

Ethical Fashion Guide (via Baptist World Aid)

From Target to Sheike: Australia’s most and least ethical fashion brands, ranked (via Smart Company)

Cummins raised objection to Cricket Australia’s Alinta deal (via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Pat Cummins says he will not appear in any more ads for Cricket Australia energy company sponsor (via The Guardian)

Lubricant made from cow mucus proves effective against HIV and herpes (via Technology Networks Biopharma

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