Is It As Easy As Walking Away?
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People in negative relationships are often asked why they don't "just leave"? But is it always just as easy as walking away?

In this week's show, John examines the causes of abuse in relationships, its effects, and the complex reasons why it's not always an easy decision to turn our backs and walk away.


  • According to surveys, one in four women, and on in nine men, are in relationships that contain some form of sexual, physical or emotional violence. It's far more widespread than we realise.
  • Love can still linger in a relationship, even when it's begun to decay. It is entirely possible to be in love, even though it is unhealthy to do so.
  • If abuse and violence arrive in a relationship slowly, and not in a sudden burst, then it can have a conditioning effect, slowly becoming normalised, until only an outside perspective can make us realise that something is truly wrong.
  • Manipulation and abuse can come in hitherto unrecognised ways. This usually drip-feeds in slowly, and gently removes power from one party, and gives to the other. it can be as simple as controlling the finances in the relationship, causing one to have to ask the other, thereby switching the power balance.


'There are other reasons why someone might persist with a toxic relationship'

'Love is the ultimate connection'

'Hope is something we have instinctually. We can perpetually hope that things get better'

'Manipulation is key with an abuser. They are often smart, charming and magnetic'


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