Modern Relationship Terminology
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This week, John discusses modern relationship terminology, and how certain ways of describing or phrasing things can help us to better understand the places from which we have come in life.


  • One of the most important red flags you can have in a relationship is the fact that you really know nothing deep about your partner, and they they are reticent to share their innermost hopes and dreams. This can indicate that they are not in this for the long haul.
  • Stashing is the process by where someone almost hides you away - storing you for when they want you, but not really sharing you with anyone important in their lives.
  • Catfishing is a term to describe someone who has an online relationship, but has misrepresented themselves for some reason. Sometimes the intentions are far more sinister than we might think.
  • Ghosting has become very common in avoidant types of people. It manifests in a total break in communication without explanation.


'Someone who isn't really committed is unlikely to tell you much about themselves'

'There won't be any trust because you're not sharing anything with each other'

'Listen to your trusted friends and loved ones'


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