Simplified Fitness Business
Simplified Fitness Business
The Simplified Fitness Business Podcast is geared for small and medium fitness business operators ready to scale up their business. Fitness is your life. It’s the dream that’s kept you going. Now, you want to guarantee that it’ll keep on growing. I know because I built my business on that one idea too. So let me help you make yours into the profitable business you’ve always wanted. So who am I? I’m Ben Channon, and I’m the Owner and Director of BFITT Allied Health and Private Training. We are the first ‘Not A Gym’ personal training studio in Townsville, Queensland. Our services include personal training, personal service, and group fitness classes. We specialise in simplifying the health and fitness industry so that everyone can live the life they want, without all the complexity and confusion.  Outside of hiring a coach or hiring a team, I’ve put systems in place and made consistent changes that allowed my business to grow. We’ve simplified the fitness industry. Now it’s your turn.
Simplified Fitness Business
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