4: Soil carbon and biodiversity are important for soil health, but also increase profitability - Digging Deeper with Sam Duncan & Florian Ruhnke
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Who Is Sam Duncan?

Sam Duncan founded FarmLab in 2016 after serving in the Royal Australian Air Force as a logistics officer. Following tours to Africa and the Middle East, Sam saw the need to support our adaptation to climate change. This led him to the hypothesis that if farmers had better soil data then they would be able to better manage soil carbon. In the quest to improve access to better soil data, he developed FarmLab, which at the time was a simple mobile app for agronomists and consultants to help collect and submit soil samples to a soil testing lab for analysis. 
Since then, FarmLab have developed out their agronomy and project management software to help farmers and agronomists better manage and share agronomic insights and data. More recently the focus has been on helping farmers understand and enter soil carbon offset projects under the Australian Clean Energy Regulator. The first step in this was the development of a Soil Carbon Offset Report (SCOR), pulling together a range of technologies from partners at CSIRO and CIBO Labs to help farmers assess and understand soil carbon across the landscape – and make an informed decision about whether or not they would benefit from entering a soil carbon project. 
FarmLab is continuing to help consultants and farmers maximise profitability by optimising nutrient application and supporting better soil management.


Who Is Florian Ruhnke?

Florian is a digital innovator with the ability to deconstruct big picture ideas and make them more inclusive. His goal is to help organisations to improve digitally and to use new and exciting technologies to improve their operations, their marketing and create new business opportunities.
With his master in political science and his long experience in the communication and digital marketing fields he understand the importance of communication to create a culture of change and innovation. Florian lived in Germany, Spain and the USA to finally find his place and inspiration in Australia.

He is a passionate worker with high professional skills in digital marketing and innovation. His Key strengths are in the areas of strategic project management, digital marketing, and innovation management. Florian believes in Design Thinking, creativity and collaboration as the keys to success and he deeply believes that failing is simply the chance to improve and retry.

Trailblazing new roles and excelling in fast paced, rapidly growing organisations he never stops learning and wants to make the impossible possible.

In his career, Florian thrives to establish standards for a more collaborative, improvised and meaningful digital landscape.
Florian loves reading (yes real books), surfing, riding his motorbike and playing soccer.


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