15: Why Regenerative Agriculture Starts on The Ground with A Shovel and Using Our Five Sense with Jono Frew
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The soil is something that we are constantly touching, yet most of us know very little about it. We are taught the basics of what soil is at school but rarely do we ever go any further than that. It’s time to change this!

Imagine if you could learn about our own soil without being told by an expert with no personal connection to it. Imagine if you could have a personal connection with your soils and how they affect your daily life.

Who is Jono Frew?

Jono is a regeneration agriculture coach and educator. He and his team are here to enable farmers to think independently and to get back to the true JOY of growing food and taking full responsibility for choices made.

To help growers build organic matter in their soil, build diversity, utilize natural cycles, infiltrate, and hold onto more water, be more resilient to disease, drought, floods, predatory pests. disturbance events. We aim to do so by motivating, inspiring, facilitating, educating, and asking the BIG and IMPORTANT questions. Leaving you inspired and free from the current constraints to inquire into the areas of operation that CAN be improved by ways some people have never thought possible, Naturally. ​​​​​​​








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