26: Making Soil Sexy - Feed The Soils, Feed The World with Peter Critch
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As farmers or home gardeners, both have the desire to have their own compost pit but there are various worm culture methods using castings that may not be safe for consumption, and of course the time it takes for worm bins to start generating! Most importantly, we want our own vermicompost environment without needing to worry about safe practices or slow growth.

Regardless of whether you are interested in growing organic vegetables for your own backyard garden or simply want to help cut down on the amount of food sent to landfills, it is always good to know that there are communities or organizations that you can reach out to help you in your composting journey.


Who is Peter Critch?

Peter is the youngest co-founder of Subpod. His vision is to transform organic waste into nutrient-dense food through a circular economy.

He believes that the problem of organic waste is the solution to improving global well-being, and the missing link is intelligent composting.

By understanding the biological processes of nature, Peter believes systems can be created that regenerate our economies, environment, and wellbeing. The circular economy starts when we begin to see our global problems as global solutions.


Website: https://subpod.com/


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Dig Deeper Club: https://soillearningcenter.com/digdeeper

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