How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Outsourcing Your Work
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In this episode, Dr. Steve Day looks at why many of us overwork ourselves instead of hiring people to help us. Something that frees up time to focus on doing the things that will grow our businesses fast. As well as provide enough spare time to relax and enjoy life.


He explains where to hire capable people and pay what they will feel is a good wage without having to spend a fortune to do so. The advice in this episode is designed to enable you to hire someone right now. Allowing you to refocus your efforts immediately and focus on the things that will make the biggest positive difference to your business.




  • Most people believe that they cannot afford to hire an assistant. In reality, virtually everyone can actually find the cash to hire help.
  • If you are smart about who you hire you need not commit to paying out a lot of money.
  • Hiring freelancers means you do not have to pay NI, sick pay, or buy their equipment.
  • With a freelance arrangement, should the work dry up, you will not be left having to pay wages regardless.
  • Freelancers who live in India, the Philippines, and some other countries are more than happy to work for a relatively low hourly rate.
  • Many entrepreneurs believe that they cannot spare the time to hire and train an assistant.
  • It need only take you a few hours to find workers and get them started.
  • There is no excuse to put off hiring an assistant for another day. Steve explains how to get it done today.
  • If you free up just 10 minutes of your time per day, that adds up to over 40 extra hours you have each year.
  • As a business owner, you should not be doing any of the low or no value tasks.
  • When you free yourself from doing mundane tasks the profitability of your business soars, which easily covers the cost of paying the people you hire.
  • All the time you are stuck doing simple tasks in your business you are missing out on opportunities. Which is costing you money.




‘By hiring an assistant, you not only create more time you actually create more profits as well. ´

‘Setting yourself up to be able to outsource your work only takes a few hours to do.’

‘If you are earning £15 an hour, it makes sense to hire someone for £4 an hour to do low-value tasks for you.’



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Steve used to be a slave to his business but when he moved to Sweden in 2015, he was forced to change the way he worked. He switched to running his businesses remotely and after totally nailing this concept he decided to spend his time helping other small business owners do the same. Steve’s been investing in property since 2002, has a degree in Computing, and worked as a doctor in the NHS before quitting to focus full-time on sharing his systems and outsourcing Methodology with the world. He now lives in Sweden and runs his UK-based businesses remotely with the help of his team of Filipino and UK-based Virtual Assistants.


Most business owners are overwhelmed because they don't know how to create systems or get the right help.


Our systems and outsourcing Courses and coaching programme will help you automate your business and work effectively with affordable virtual assistants. That way, you will stop feeling overwhelmed and start making more money.



Dr. Steve Day, from the systems and outsourcing University, reveals every app, hack, and trick he’s used to outsource the entire day-to-day running of his businesses. You’ll discover how to transform your work from a time-sapping, energy-draining grind into something you enjoy doing each day. You’ll learn about letting go, trusting other people to do your work, about virtual assistants, outsourcing, managing a remote team, using apps and technology, creating systems, and stopping your business from being reliant on superstar employees that are hard to find and even harder to keep hold of.


You shouldn’t have to do all the work yourself, even if you’re on a tight budget. The sooner you outsource your work, the sooner you can focus on leading your company and doing the stuff that only you can do to make your business a success. Steve openly shares his wins, losses, and lessons from creating affordable, practical systems that anyone can use. If you’re a business owner who wants to have more time to focus on doing the important stuff, then you’re gonna love this podcast. No nonsense practical advice, inspiring interviews, and unbiased reviews of all the things you need to create an awesome business that you can be proud of. Steve has deconstructed the dark art of creating sophisticated business systems into a simple step-by-step method that anyone can follow.


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