Tips For Successful Project Management
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By having a clear vision, mission and business objective you’re more likely to achieve in succeeding your goals. In this episode of Systemise Your Success, Steve dives into the need for structured project management, creating milestones and aligning your business with your vision. 



  • Having a clear vision of your company's vision and mission allows you to know whether the project is taking you one step closer to reaching the company's goals, if it is then continue with the project. If it does not align with your company's vision, you need to either get rid of the project or adjust it so that it does take you closer to your vision. 
  • When you are starting a project and you are wanting other peoples’ involvement in it, it is tempting to start instantly. By doing this, you may not have a clear vision for the project and be left unsure of which direction it is going. 
  • One of the best things you can do is to introduce a vision board for your projects. Before you start the project think about who is using your new project and the problems that you can solve. 
  • The four things to consider in a project are The target users; the problems you need to solve; the solution and what is the business objective. Overriding all of that is what the vision for the project is. 
  • When planning a project you need to ensure you have deliverables that are going to have short time intervals. These will allow you to assess where the project is up to. These are stepping stones towards the end goal.
  •  Creating milestones that allow you to assess where you are in the project allows you to test things to see if you are on the right track, or whether you need to change the direction of where the project is going based on the feedback of those who are involved within the project. 


“Put time into thinking about your company's vision so you can put it into everything you do.”

“What is the overall objective and desired outcome.”

“Make sure everybody is 100% clear on why you’re doing it, what the problems are that are going to be solved, the solution and what the business objective is.”

“It’s not the tasks that matter, it is what you are going to do at the end.”


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Steve used to be a slave to his business but when he moved to Sweden in 2015, he was forced to change the way he worked. He switched to running his businesses remotely and after totally nailing this concept he decided to spend his time helping other small business owners do the same. Steve’s been investing in property since 2002, has a degree in Computing, and worked as a doctor in the NHS before quitting to focus full-time on sharing his systems and outsourcing Methodology with the world. He now lives in Sweden and runs his UK-based businesses remotely with the help of his team of Filipino and UK-based Virtual Assistants.

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