Know it, Want it, Hate it!
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🎙 Steve describes a technique where you create a chart of everything you do in your business and find out if your employees want to do it, learn about it, or just simply hate it. This will increase the rapport you have with your team and increase their productivity. 


💡 Create a spreadsheet and list all the activities that go on in your business in one column on the left hand side.

💡 In the next columns place ‘Do You Want It?’ and ‘Do you know it?’ You can detail that further by denoting ‘Do you know it well?’ and ‘Do you want it?’, ’ Are you ok with it?’ or ’Do you hate it?’’

💡 This will make sure you get most out of your existing team by finding out where their skills already are, giving the team an opportunity to express the roles they don’t enjoy fulfilling, showing that you care about them and what makes their role better and increasing your likelihood of retaining well motivated, skilled and happy personnel. 


💬 ‘What you want to do is find the activities in our business that our existing team, or our new team as they are coming in, what they actually already know something about or what the areas are they would like to learn about.’

💬 ‘You may find and may be surprised that the person you hired to maybe be an admin person happens to have an interest in graphic design and has spent the last four years in graphic design college.’

💬 ‘Finding new people, training them up, that is a massive drain on resources for any company, and expense both in time and the cost of actually hiring somebody as well.’


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Steve used to be a slave to his business but when he moved to Sweden in 2015, he was forced to change the way he worked. He switched to running his businesses remotely and after totally nailing this concept he decided to spend his time helping other small business owners do the same. Steve’s been investing in property since 2002, has a degree in Computing, and worked as a doctor in the NHS before quitting to focus full-time on sharing his systems and outsourcing Methodology with the world. He now lives in Sweden and runs his UK-based businesses remotely with the help of his team of Filipino and UK-based Virtual Assistants.


Most business owners are overwhelmed because they don't know how to create systems or get the right help.


Our systems and outsourcing Courses and coaching programme will help you automate your business and work effectively with affordable virtual assistants. That way, you will stop feeling overwhelmed and start making more money.

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