Raising Teens with Collett Smart
Hope 103.2
When it comes to raising little ones, we often feel as though we have a small village around us – in morning play groups, meeting other parents at tots’ birthday parties, or on the sides of sports fields. It can feel like we have it (mostly) under control. Until our child gradually emerges into their teen years and so much changes! It is a unique time for both you and your child. Sometimes, everything you thought you knew goes out the window and you’re struggling to keep up. You look around and the village seems to have diminished. Raising Teens will be part of your support system – your village! There will be something here for everyone who cares for teens. Most importantly, this is your resource, so we want to hear from you – your challenges, your suggestions – you are part of this community. Listen to more from our Hope Podcasts collection at hopepodcasts.com.au. And send the team a message via Hope 103.2’s app, Facebook or Instagram. For more information and expert advice, visit raisingteenagers.com.au.
Raising Teens with Collett Smart
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