EI at Work
EI at Work
Jan 25, 2022
Why facial expressions aren’t a true reflection of our emotions. Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett, Distinguished Professor and Scientist, shares her research.
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As we enter 2022, we face a new world of work. Virtual teams and flexible arrangements are here to stay, and the lines between our professional and personal lives are more blurred than ever. 

With all this change and uncertainty about what’s next, being in touch with the emotions of ourselves and others is critical. The issue? Some of society’s core ideas about managing, perceiving, and understanding emotions are wrong. Despite common belief, research has revealed that emotions are not universal, we cannot read them from faces, and they are not hardwired deep within us.

In this episode of EI at Work, we’re joined by Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett. She is among the top 1% most-cited scientists for her revolutionary research in psychology and neuroscience. Dr Barrett joins co-hosts Marie El Daghl and Genos International CEO, Dr Ben Palmer to discuss:

  • The top 3 things she has uncovered through her revolutionary research on emotions.
  • How emotions are made and why some of our society’s core ideas about them are wrong.
  • Facial expressions and why they’re not accurate signs of emotions.
  • The role of prediction and patterns in how our emotions work.
  • Why the use of AI to predict human emotions is misguided.
  • The implications of her research for both the workplace and our personal lives.

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