Canadians could be stuck in line for a COVID-19 vaccine
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Tuesday, November 24: Canadians could face a long wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, with no domestic production for the leading contenders; travellers  flock to airports for U.S. Thanksgiving despite warnings from public health officials; and, a Christmas song created for dogs that’s topping the charts in Britain.

Streetwise Hebrew
Streetwise Hebrew
TLV1 Studios
#318 Save Me a Spot, Will You?
Is it okay to save an open parking spot for someone, shooing away other drivers? Well, that’s what many Tel-Avivim do. It’s called לשמור חניה, and it happens all the time. On this episode, Guy continues with the root שמר, explaining how to say ‘watch your mouth?’ in Hebrew and why you should never really say it. Listen to the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Elohim Yishmor – Good lord – אלוהים ישמור Oy, elohim yishmor – Good lord – אוי, אלוהים ישמור Shmor/shimri/shimru merchak – Keep distance – שמור, שמרי, שמרו מרחק Tishmeri/shmeri merchak – Keep distance (fem. coll.) – תשמרי/שמרי מרחק Ani shomer merchak mimenu/mimena – I keep my distance from him/her – אני שומר מרחק ממנו/ממנה Tishmor al ha-olam, yeled – Take care of the world, kiddo – תשמור על העולם, ילד Lishmor al yeladim – Take care of children – לשמור על ילדים Mi yachol lishmor li al ha-chatul – Who can look after my cat – מי יכול לשמור לי על החתול Na lishmor al ha-nikayon/sheket – Please keep the place clean/please keep quiet – נא לשמור על הניקיון, נא לשמור על השקט “Shmor li al ze shniya” – Could you hold this for a second? – שמור לי על זה שנייה Shmor al ha-pe sh’cha – Watch your mouth – שמור על הפה ש’ך Lishmor be-kerur – keep refrigerated – לשמור בקירור Al tishmor dvarim ba-beten – Don’t keep things in the stomach, much better out than in – אל תשמור דברים בבטן Lishmor hanaya – To keep parking – לשמור חניה Ani shomer hanaya le-aba sheli, hu kvar magi’a – I keep parking for my Dad, he’s coming just now – אני שומר חניה לאבא שלי Laasot shmirot – Guarding duties in the army – לעשות שמירות Playlist and Clips: Ha-tikva Shesh – Ha-dor Ha-ze Shelanu Shimru Merchak – Keep distance David D’or – Shmor al ha-olam (lyrics) Pablo Rosenberg – Al Tid’agi Li Ima (lyrics) Margalit Tsanani – Shmor Oti (lyrics)
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POLITICO's Pulse Check
POLITICO's Pulse Check
Goodbye, Dan Diamond
After five years on the health beat — and at the helm of Pulse Check — Dan Diamond is leaving POLITICO. (But don't worry, you can still follow his reporting at The Washington Post!) Dan and Dispatch's Jeremy Siegel look back at some of Dan's biggest stories and trace the past few years of health policy to today's coronavirus response. But first, Dan gets a going away present. Stay up-to-date on the latest Covid-19 news by subscribing to the POLITICO Nightly and POLITICO Pulse newsletters. And subscribe to our other newsletter POLITICO Future Pulse, looking at where health care and technology intersect.  Dan Diamond is host of POLITICO Pulse Check and author of the POLITICO Pulse newsletter. Jeremy Siegel  is a host for POLITICO Dispatch. Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio. Check out some of Dan Diamond's top POLITICO reporting:  - Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook: - `We want them infected`: Trump appointee demanded `herd immunity` strategy, emails reveal: - 'It's like every red flag': Trump-ordered HHS ad blitz raises alarms: - How Trump warped HHS long before Covid-19: - How we found Tom Price's private jets: - Trump challenges Native Americans' historical standing: - How 100,000 Pacific Islanders got their health care back:
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