3. Good Childcare *Can* Work
Play • 46 min

Gloria explores the many places where childcare is working for parents – from Berlin, Germany, to Quebec, Canada, and even Patagonia HQ in Ventura, California. “Women are able to go back to work, families can actually afford good childcare, and the system more than pays for itself? Am I on another planet?” Kristen Bell joins Gloria (from outer space) to clue her in on America’s very own top-secret, high-quality, federally-funded childcare system. Plus, Lauren Kennedy and Sarah Muncey from Neighborhood Villages return to tell us how we can make this childcare dream a reality for all. With Caitlin and Charles Vestal, Pierre Fortin, Linda Smith, Ssgt. Alba Ruiz, and Patagonia’s Jenna Johnson.


This podcast is presented by Neighborhood Villages, and is brought to you with generous support from The McCormick Foundation, Trust for Learning, and Spring Point Partners.


What if every child care setting was an ideal learning environment for children? Learn more about the importance of relationships, play, equity, and other key principles at ideallearning.org.


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