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Dec 30, 2020
Montrose Fresh: A New Time Capsule Buried in Montrose
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Good morning and welcome to Montrose Fresh, from The Montrose Daily Press. It’s Wednesday December 30th and we’re here with local news, events, announcements, and more that matter to us here in Western Colorado. Today -- a new time capsule has been buried in Montrose, and it’s set to be unearthed in 2070.

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On Monday, the Montrose Youth City Council placed several items in a 2020 time capsule, set to be unearthed in 2070. 

The items in the capsule include a phone book, an ornament from Amazing Glaze, letters from Montrose City Council, stickers from local businesses, museum brochures, a homemade item from Creative Corner, and the Montrose Daily press newspaper.

And in fitting 2020 form, the capsule also includes hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

Here’s Harrison Hall, the Youth City Council Mayor at the time capsule burial. 

The ceremony was months in the making. The Youth City Council had been asking the community, via social media and scattered drop boxes around town, to contribute an object. 

A handful of local businesses dipped their toes into history, providing both small and notable items.

Gunnison Clamp, Montrose Youth City Council member said that It was pretty awesome and impressive to see how involved they all wanted to be. 

He also noted that Public Works did a lot of work putting that together and creating a capsule out of material that would not be susceptible to damage.

For Clamp the ceremony provided an opportunity to imagine what the next 50 years in Montrose will look like.

Clamp participated in the ceremony back in October as well, when the capsule that had been buried in 1970 was unearthed. He said that when the time capsule was unearthed, the perspective was looking back on the past, but now, we’re looking ahead to the future.

The 1970 time capsule included similar items that were placed on Monday, including letters, photos and Montrose Daily Press newspaper clippings.

But the 2020 capsule holds something not devised til years later: Apple AirPods, which were invented in 2001 and spawned a series of new headphone styles and iterations.

Clamp said that the idea was to give residents in 2070 a semblance of how far technology has advanced in the five decades since. A letter in the capsule outlines the successes of the technological advancements experienced today, including that of phones and computers.

So what will Montrose look like 50 years from now? Well, Clamp has an idea.

According to him, Montrose will be a bigger town. Maybe 30,000 to 40,000 people. It’ll likely keep its status as an outdoor recreation hub, while expanding its transportation methods, including at Montrose Regional Airport.

Harrison Hall said the project was one of the most fun projects he had been a part of. He noted that 2020 will be an especially interesting year for people in 2070 to look back on. A year engulfed by a pandemic, social justice movements, and a series of wildfires. 

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Finally, we’d like to take a moment today to remember the life of Carolyn, or Sue, Dix from Montrose. Sue married her high school sweetheart, Bobby Dix, and they lived in Gunnison while Bob got his teaching degree. In 1968, they moved to Montrose where they had two children, Shelly and Greg. Then, Bob started teaching at Columbine Junior High. When the kids were young, almost every weekend you would find the Dixes camping and fishing and enjoying the outdoors. In 1976, Bob and Sue bought Raleigh’s Paint and Wallpaper Store where together they worked side-by-side for 41 years until they retired.

Sue was a devoted wife and mom who always put her family first. She surrounded herself with wonderful, lifelong friends who made her life so rich and full. Sue loved spending time with her husband and best friend Bob, four-wheeling, going for drives, taking walks, sitting on the back patio, and she didn’t mind fishing. She and Bob did everything together and you would rarely see one without the other. From their teenage years until the day she passed, the two were inseparable.

She loved to read, do crossword puzzles and give away Bob’s home-grown garden vegetables to neighbors and friends. She had a mind like a steel trap and could remember even the minutest dates and details of years past. She loved to talk, and she loved to share. 

Sue is survived by her loving husband, her daughter and son-in-law, her son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. 

Thank you for taking a moment today to remember and celebrate Sue’s life.

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