Population Growth Hysteria is at the Root of Many Evils
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Dr. Peter Jacobsen teaches economics at the Gwartney Center at Ottawa University, where he also heads up the MBA program. He is one of the hosts of the Faith and Economics podcast. On this episode, Dr. Jacobsen speaks in depth about the errors of population growth hysteria; how it was imposed on poor nations by rich nations; why it’s bad economics; and why it is still causing harm in places like China. Jacobsen also talks about the reality of inflation and why some were unable to see it coming, and whether cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be an antidote to debasement of currency.


0:00 – Intro
5:26 – How the one child policy is destroying China
13:24 – Malthus wouldn’t be a Malthusian today
18:30 – Population control and war
25:50 – Immigration and overpopulation
27:56 – Inflation
33:33 – Crypto offers currency competition
38:08 – Bitcoin and deflation
40:42 – Malthus didn’t account for entrepreneurship


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