MAP IT Marketing
MAP IT Marketing
Nov 18, 2021
21 Marketing tools that can save you time and money
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Find out my favourite tools, apps and online solutions that help us create content, develop materials, and keep the content machine churning without causing us all to burn out. 

I first started in marketing over twenty years ago, and I can tell you that life is so much easier now! We had to outsource anything that wasn’t in our skillset (which besides writing was everything else for me.) It was hard work to do anything clever, and so much of the work was manual.

Every year the apps get cleverer, the automation becomes more perfect, and the options become endless. 

I’m an easily distracted magpie who loves the shiny new ideas, but that’s not serving us as a business, or our clients if I’m changing things up every five minutes! I download and test a lot of solutions before we adopt them, and the apps and platforms we stick with are ones we come back to again and again. 

So today I have over twenty different solutions to make your marketing activity easier. Most have a free option, though we normally use the paid one if we can see it’s going to save us time, and money. 

That’s the secret to all of these options, for design, content , video creation and more. Try them out, then keep the ones that make your marketing easier. 

And just remember - no tool can do what it’s meant to, if you don’t know what you’re trying to say, why you’re trying to say it, and who is meant to hear it. The strategy needs to come first.

Today we cover

  • What to do before jumping in and giving these tools a go
  • How to find these tools
  • How I assess whether a tool or app is worth keeping
  • Which ones we use at Identify every week
  • Why paying for a tool can help you save money and time

Important Links

A PDF of all the tools/apps

Rachel’s YouTube Channel

Free Video Trimmer

Telepromoter App (Iphone only)

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