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Sep 23, 2021
Locked borders? Launch a business with Charlotte Greer
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What do you do when a pandemic blocks your opportunity to go on the OE you’ve been planning and saving for for years? Well for Charlotte Greer, it was the perfect opportunity to start a business.

After saving, while studying for her degree in Economics, Charlotte was all set to explore beyond the borders of New Zealand. When she realised that OE wasn’t going to happen any time soon, Charlotte picked up a project she’d initiated at university, where she’d created a business plan, with costings and sales projections, to help understand and process the application of her study.

This business was the perfect blend of her business brain, and her desire to live a “blended” sustainable life, where she may not “carry a straw everywhere” but definitely wanted to reduce waste, and choose products that did not leave a negative impact on the environment.

Veto began as a small range of products Charlotte sold online, and through the markets. Her business is still young, new and at the early stages, but she’s already gained stockists, has a pop up “refillery” in Tauranga, and has long term goals to grow both the range and the reach of her products.

Charlotte shares what she believes is the most important parts of starting a business are to get right, what she’s be able to do herself to launch it, and some of the challenges she’s faced since launching her business.

We also talk about the assumption that GenZ/ Millennials will automatically know how to market their business with social media, and the different skills you need when looking at it from a business perspective. 

Today we cover

  • What Charlotte sees are the most important parts of a business plan
  • How to grow a business with no budget
  • How to use customer feedback to develop your range
  • Why Charlotte chose a sustainable brand
  • How Charlotte saved money when she launched
  • What’s next for VETO


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