The Wife of Usher's Well // Anna RG - pt 1
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We’re kicking off the second series with the brilliant Anna RG who’s introducing us to The Wife of Usher’s Well, a ghostly story of a grieving mother visited by her 3 deceased children. Conversation touches on unexpectedly diverse topics such as the life of the British immigrant in America and the often overlooked patchwork of traditions which make up the country. Anna goes on to talk about how we can expand the ways of interpreting traditional music today with the huge variety of techniques available to us.


Watch Anna & Elizabeth's video piece here.

Created with Elizabeth LaPrelle and featuring a recording of Eunice Yeatts McAlexander. Hear more, including their album The Invisible Comes To Us, at

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2:05 - Mother in the Graveyard - Anna & Elizabeth 8:01 - Jeano - Anna & Elizabeth 15:35 - The Irish patriot - Anna & Elizabeth 18:25 The Wife of Usher’s Well - Anna & Elizabeth (feat. Eunice Yeatts McAlexander 24:37 The Three Babes - Texas Gladden 28:11 The Three Babes - Eunice Yeats McAlexander 30:52 The Wife of Usher’s Well - Anna & Elizabeth (feat. Eunice Yeatts McAlexander 36:46 The Three Babes - The Vicars of Skiffle

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