Behan & Jamie - Sailing Totem to 48 countries with 3 kids
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Behan and Jamie left great careers in the USA 12 years ago to sail the globe with 3 young children in tow. They share some of the highlights, challenges and lessons from offshore cruising with kids, their roles as a sailing couple and what its meant for their relationship.

Behan and Jamie have developed the ability to earn income as they sail and they devote a lot of time to helping others start the cruising life. Recorded onboard Totem in Mexico, they have now travelled to 48 countries and are a glowing example of whats possible if you commit a date to paper.

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Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast
Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast
Shirley Robertson
Series 2 - Ep19 - Giles Scott Part1
This month's edition of Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast sees the double Olympic gold medallist talking to one of the current stars of the 36th America's Cup, as she chats with British INEOS TEAM UK tactician, Olympic Gold medallist and multiple world champion in the Finn Class, Giles Scott. At just thirty four years old, Scott is already sailing in his third Cup Challenger Series campaign, and has become a pivotal part of Sir Ben Ainslie's after guard.  During racing, discussions between the pair on board the British boat 'Britannia' are available for all to hear on the live broadcasts of the event, and reveal an understanding and relationship that spans over two decades. In the first part of this two part podcast, Scott discusses his early days of sailing, and how a move to the Finn Class saw him campaigning with Ainslie in the build up to the 2008 Olympics in China.  Three years later, at just twenty four, Scott was a dominant force in the Finn, but describes the bitter disappointment of  missing out on a London 2012, as Ainslie took the British Finn spot in their home Olympic Games.  It was a set back that would forge within Scott an even greater resolve.  By Rio his domination of the Finn Class was absolute, and his relief at finally clinching the Olympic gold medal was there for all to see as he sailed to victory in Brazil with a day of racing to spare...: "I always got a lot of grief in the build up to Rio because I was a boring winner, I'd never celebrate, I'd never give them the amazing photo, or, you know, I'd always just give it the thumbs up but  the reason I did that was because it wasn't the one that I wanted.  So the out roar of winning in Rio was, it was a big release of all that tension, emotion, I kind of, had done what I'd aimed at, yeah, it was a good moment." Part one of this edition covers much of Scott's Olympic career, as he remains in hopeful preparation for the postponed Tokyo Games of 2021,  but in Part two, chat turns to the America's Cup, and the British team's goal of winning the Cup back for the first time in it's one hundred and seventy year history.
45 min
Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond
Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond
Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond Episode 242 Loucas Gourtsoyannis 2
This Email lead to these Interviews with Loucas Gourtsoyannis I am recommending are keen to chat to you. I met them both on our journey from Croatia to Spain. The first one is Loucas His email address is +30 693 711 0878 His Website is: Loucas runs a sustainable cargo sailing business delivering Food sourced from local farmers In Greece to other Countries to enable them to survive.  This is my limited understanding but he is fascinating and lovely.  The Captain Loucas Gourtsoyannis is steering the Aegean Cargo Sailing Voyage. He is trained as mining engineer in Greece and PhD in Metallurgy in Montreal, Canada. He has worked in Canada, Greece and Belgium in research, technology, innovation and industrial standards. In the last 7 years he lives on the sail boat Pelago in Greek waters and sometimes around European seas, rivers, lakes and canals. Jaci ----------------- If you would like to support the Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond Podcast there are several ways! 1 Become a Patreon 2 Become a Sponsor 3 Buy my Sailing Audio lessons Past Podcasts may now be found HERE If you have ideas for future podcasts or comments please drop me a note! and PLEASE rate my podcast in iTunes and perhaps write a note. Here is the link Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Costal Cruising Certification Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam over 9 hours of Audio Instruction to help you get ready to go sailing and also to prepare you for the written portion of the ASA 103 written exam. If you're interested in my sailing instructional audio series here are the links: Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Keelboat Certification Lessons for the ASA 101 Exam Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Coastal Cruising; Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam Sailing! Learn To Sail: Bareboat Cruising Certification Lessons for the ASA 104 Exam Sailing in the Mediterranean Website If you would like to be a guest or have suggestions for future episodes or if you would like Franz to be a speaker at your Sailing Club or fundraiser please feel free to contact me. ©2020 Franz Amussen all rights reserved
42 min
The Team House
The Team House
Jack Murphy and David Parke
Regimental Reconnaissance Company with Mike Edwards, Ep. 81
Mike Edwards served in 3rd Ranger Battalion and the Regimental Reconnaissance Company (RRC) across 18 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. In this interview we discuss his combat jump into Iraq in 2003, a rather hot deployment to Mosul, Iraq in 2005, and then the selection and training for RRC and what those deployments were like before he became an instructor at the military free fall course. Apologies that this was not a live show, we had some internet issues with the snow storm here in New York. We hope to get that fixed but we decided to do a recording and upload it instead to make sure you guys got a good interview. The only thing you missed before we hit the record button was Mike and Jack talking about their time in the Ranger Regiment together and how Jack was a private running away and hiding from Mike who was a new tabbed spec-4 at the time! Special thanks to Mike and our viewers for their patience! Get access to bonus segments with our guests: Team House merch: Team House Discord: SubReddit: Jack Murphy's memoir "Murphy's Law" can be found here: The Team Room Reading Room (Amazon Affiliate links): Intro music by
1 hr 33 min
Glorious Professionals
Glorious Professionals
036 - Dr. Doug Kechijian - Air Force Pararescueman (PJ), Physical Therapist & Performance Coach, Co-founder of Resilient Performance Systems
"These Things We Do, That Others May Live." Dr. Doug Kechijian (Dr. K) is a former Pararescueman, or PJ, in the US Air Force and now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and CEO / co-founder of Resilient Systems; he talks professionalism, procedure, self discipline, human performance and getting the call with Jason and Rich for Episode 036. In his senior year at Brown -- not a typical military feeder school -- the events of 9/11 steered Doug onto a different path in medicine than the one he had been planning. He was particularly drawn to the mission of the PJs. Through his 13-year military service in the “911 of the military,” including being named as the Air National Guard's 2015 Outstanding Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, Doug learned the importance of smart training, being really really prepared and strategies to cope with challenges (medical and otherwise). Dr. K now works with athletes and operators at every level from Major League Baseball to the NCAA to Special Operations Forces. He has been featured in Men’s Health advocating for rucking along with other items from his “menu” of training (mobility, structure, power and capacity -- all with variety). He shares his philosophy of human performance and approach to physical therapy -- which is informed by his time at the tip of the spear so is grounded, accessible and a little different than most. Links: * Resilient Performance Systems * Episode 035 with fellow PJ Roger Sparks and Bulldog Bite Explainer * Episode 026 with Kelly Starrett * Learn more about GORUCK * Glorious Professionals Website
1 hr 16 min
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