Dylan Magaster - Traveling the planet at age 21 on $1,000
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An inspirational interview with Dylan Magaster who flew to South America at the age of 21 with only $1,000 in the bank and his camera gear and decided to go traveling.

He backpacked for 6 months, converted a van into his home and began creating influential short documentaries showcasing ‘Alternative Living’. After nearly two years living in a van, Dylan

decided to move to the Mediterranean in pursuit of new adventure. With just 7 days of sailing experience, he bought a 1979 Morgan 382 sailing boat and has lived aboard the ‘Arianrhod’ since.

He has now sailed more than 6,000 nm to 3 continents and traveled to 27 countries, sharing countless inspiring stories of Alternative Living. With 100 million video views on YouTube, Dylan is proof of the hunger for adventure so many of us crave.

Dylan’s main passions are adventure storytelling and sustainable living ad he is also CEO of FLORB, a successful film production company he created based in Los Angeles, California.

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Mushroom Revival Podcast
Mushroom Revival Podcast
Alex Dorr and Lera Niemackl
Fungal Biotechnology & Natural Dyes - Ricky Cassini
Meet Michroma — an innovative startup from Indie Bio making natural food and cosmetic dyes from fungi! We are joined by co-founder Ricky Cassini, a young entrepreneur and newfound scientist to talk about Michroma's projects and how impactful this research and development is for industrial colorants. Ricky shares some intriguing insights to their process of working with filamentous fungi and how the team is optimizing their methods for a safe, effective and versatile dye. We also discuss the culture and the hurdles of being a biotechnology startup, followed by our two sense for fellow up and coming businesses. Prepare to be amazed once again at the practical applications of fungi in crevices of our day to day lives. . Ricky Cassini is the CEO and co-founder of Michroma, based in Argentina. The Michroma Team went through Indie Bio’s accelerator program and focuses on creating naturally derived colorants from fungi. *Topics covered* * Synthetic and natural dyes that are problematic for human health and/or the environment * Startup culture, specifically with biotech companies * Pigmented metabolites of fungi and how to induce them * Harvesting and application of fungal pigments * The science history of fungal pigments * The uniqueness of filamentous fungi as opposed to the yeast-like fungi currently used in fungal biotechnology *Show notes* * *Michroma's Website: https://michroma.co/ Medium Article: https://medium.com/indiebio-sf/michroma-reinventing-food-colors-3cc5ee99f92f
54 min
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