Episode #30: How to Weather Mars Retrograde’s Intensely Fiery Storm with Kelli Fox
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Hi Numerologist community, thank you once again for joining us for another episode of the Numerologist Podcast.

In this episode, we’re joined by our resident astrological expert, Kelli Fox, to discuss Mars Retrograde. This particular retrograde is occurring in fiery Aries which will definitely ramp up the intensity of this event. Are you ready?

Mars only does his backward dance every two years, with the last time being in 2018. What was happening in your life then? Can you pinpoint where you felt impatient, frustrated, and limited? Prepare for a similar theme, and see if you can muster the will and patience to weather the storm.

What will this intense planetary event stir up for you? Discover how you can arm yourself for this cosmic battle!

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • The traits of Mars Retrograde
  • How to combat against the feelings of anger and frustration that Mars Retrograde might stir up
  • Tips for how you can get through Mars Retrograde unscathed

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