N.R.I. Woman
N.R.I. Woman
Sep 23, 2018
Life is better when you are laughing: Sameera Khan #20
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Sameera Khan comes from a traditional Muslim Indian family and she’s decided to pursue a path, unlike others who come from a culture similar to hers. She’s a standup comedian. Ten years ago Sameera’s exposure to standup was limited to watching Russel Peters on YouTube, she never thought then that ten years on she would be on a stage making people laugh. So what changed? How did she do it?

Her journey from having crippling stage fright to overcoming it and performing in front of a tough crowd has been one that she has enjoyed. She hopes in sharing her story you will be inspired to go for your dreams and push yourself to achieve what you want. She’s an NRI Woman and this is her story.

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