N.R.I. Woman
N.R.I. Woman
Nov 17, 2019
Inkahaani: Suzanna Varghese #52
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Suzanna grew up surrounded by nature and by all things natural in Munnar, India. When she moved to the city, she quickly adapted to the city life of access and “use and throw” mentality. All that changed when Suzanna’s daughter was born. She wants her daughter to grow in a world that is not being crushed under the burden of consumption. And so, Suzanna became conscious of the everyday choices she made. She found this shift in her way of living was not easy, cheap or accessible.

We consume and never question where anything is coming from or where it’s going. Suzanna hopes to change that way of thinking by sharing the story of the product, where it came from, who made it and why it may be the right fit for you through her eco-conscious store Inkahaani.

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