How Matt Diggity Grew 2 Sites to Nearly $100,000 a Month with Link Building and EAT Strategies
53 min

Matt Diggity is someone that has been buying, building, and growing affiliate website for a long time. In fact, I had him on the podcast about a year ago to discuss some of his background.

Since then, I've stayed in touch with Matt and he started sharing more and more about the recent success of a couple of websites that he purchased.

These 2 sites have gone from making less than $1,500 a month combined to nearly hitting his goal of $100,000 per month (combined earnings) before the end of this year!

And all of this growth has happened in less than 2 years.

How did he do it?  Well, that's the focus of this brand new interview that I'm releasing today.

We dive into tons of SEO strategies, but we focus mostly on E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) and Link Building.

The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant | eCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon FBA Experts
E348: 4 Amazon Advertising Methods and How Much You Should Spend on Them
Welcome to Episode 348 of the EcomCrew Podcast! It’s Dave here! I’m taking over the podcast recording today to share with you some advertising methods you can use after the busy season is over. I know you’re still tired with all the preparations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s not the best time to experiment with your ad campaigns. But after the dust has settled, you might want to try out these methods to see how they work for you. Over the years, we’ve seen improvements in Amazon ads, but they are getting more complex and more expensive. So aside from knowing which method to use, you should also know how much you should be spending on them. Timestamps: * Amazon changes that affect advertising costs and methods - 2:20 * Pages that Amazon advertises on - 3:50 * The new default metric on Amazon ads - 5:05 * Method #1: Sponsored Brands Videos * The need to invest in high-quality video ads - 9:40 * How much to spend on Sponsored Brands Videos - 10:15 * Method #2: Sponsored Display ads (Product Targeting) - 11:43 * Method #3: Sponsored Display ads (Views Remarketing) - 14:55 * The problems with Views Remarketing - 16:34 * How much you should spend on Views Remarketing - 19:20 * Method #4: Ads on NARF listings - 20:43 If you want to know more about these methods, check out the article I wrote. It goes into much more detail about each ad option. If you have any ecommerce-related questions you’re dying to ask us, you can do so live on December 1 at 10 AM (PST). This webinar is usually for Premium members only, but we’re offering it to you for free as we reopen EcomCrew Premium one last time in 2020. Also, please take time to leave us a review over on iTunes if you like this episode or the podcast in general. Happy selling!
27 min
The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands
The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands
Austin Brawner & Andrew Foxwell: Ecommerce Marketing Experts
280: The 2 Hour Makeover: Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing and Drive More Revenue
Are you ready to improve your email marketing and stop leaving money on the table? Today I'll show you how. Last year one of my clients had a brand new Klaviyo account -- zero emails sent. Over two days we set up the account, created a system for capturing leads, and built email flows focused on generating revenue. 7 days later, they generated $10,000 in revenue from email. Inspired by this experience, I hosted a live training in The Coalition on how to improve your email marketing, and today I'm sharing that training with you. We cover common mistakes people make when setting up their Klaviyo account, how to increase your email lead flow, building and optimizing your email templates, the most important emails to send, and what’s working right now to generate more revenue from email. If you want some quick, actionable wins you can implement in your email marketing today -- don't miss this episode. Episode Highlights * 8:20 Improving your email marketing and generating $10k in revenue in 7 days * 10:11 How to ensure Klaviyo is properly connected to your site * 14:02 Creating an on-brand email template * 16:22 How to increase your lead flow * 18:35 Choosing the right email pop-up provider * 21:03 The two biggest revenue-generating email flows to focus on * 23:56 How to set up email marketing tests to determine what works * 27:16 What’s working with email marketing today * 30:26 Our formula to make more money from email marketing * 32:55 Why you should start sending more emails (and why you can't send too many Links and Resources: * Recharge * Justuno * Privy * Klaviyo * AppSumo * * * Soapbox * The Coalition * Brand Growth Experts * @a_brawn on Twitter * Review or subscribe on iTunes
35 min
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier
Marc Guberti - A Complete YouTube Success Roadmap
We first heard about Marc Guberti from our Facebook group, where people were singing his praise as the go-to guy for YouTube tactics and growth strategies. Marc is a content machine, having already published 30 books at a young age, has another one in the works, and is growing two YouTube channels at a rapid pace. On the show today, he spills the goods on how to gain traction fast with your channel, as well as best tactics for your description, comments section, thumbnails, end cards, and titles. We also chat about how he puts the tools he uses the most to work and how he’s able to publish such a huge amount of books in quick succession. After you’ve listened, round out your YouTube insights listening to our previous episodes with Aaron Biblow & Triston Goodwin and their flywheel strategy and with Tobias Rauscher where we dive into his YouTube satellite strategy. “If you can weave current events into your channel content, it does give you a lot of potential search traffic..and if you can tie into a current event, which is easy to do with an investment channel, you can get some of that initial momentum.” - Marc Guberti Some Topics We Discussed Include: * Topics to help you gain momentum with YouTube traffic fast * How to get to the point where you can monetize your channel the quickest * Tactics for finding keywords, tags, and best practices for your descriptions * How to leverage YouTube with your podcast * What makes a great thumbnail * The beauty of using hashtags and why they are not just for Twitter! * Best use of cards for keeping viewers on your channel * Figuring out the YouTube algorithm and what metrics they want to see which will propel your channel quickly * Marc’s strategy for getting his books created and out into the marketplace fast Resources From : * Breakthrough Success podcast * * Marc Guberti on Medium for investing content * Beat The Market YouTube channel * Marc Guberti on YouTube References and Links Mentioned: * vidIQ * Tube Buddy * Canva * Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! * Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel? * Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! * This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool,, and by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. * The Video Flywheel Strategy for YouTube - Aaron Biblow & Triston Goodwin * The YouTube Satellite Strategy - Tobias Rauscher
1 hr 4 min
Business Lunch
Business Lunch
Roland Frasier
Grant Cardone’s Biggest Takeaways From 2020.
In this episode of Business Lunch with Roland Frasier, we get to sit and hear  Grant Cardone and Roland reflect on the last eight months in 2020. You will appreciate his takeaways, especially if you are struggling right now. Listen through to the end for the three things to do if you’re in trouble right now. In Roland’s words, “They’re money”. Who Is Grant Cardone? Grant is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and professional sales trainer. Grant Cardone speaks on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance and has written eight business books, runs thirteen businesses, and is the CEO of seven privately-held companies.  Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Business Lunch with Roland Frasier? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on ApplePodcasts and leave us an honest review! Your feedback will help us improve the show and connect us with more high flyers like you. Listen Today For, * What he was most wrong about. “I thought the world was coming to an end…100% sure that no one would ever pay us again for anything literally for the next three months. Every time somebody gave me a thousand dollars, I was like, what is wrong with these people?”. Grant Cardone. * His reflections on 2008, and his biggest lesson from that time. “I remember 2008, and man, I was in a different position because I was dependent upon one vertical.” Grant Cardone. * His number 1 takeaway from 2020. “When the going gets tough, the Executives have to get better. Leadership has to be much greater.” Grant Cardone. * A principle to help you as you move forward into 2021. “The second thing is just, whatever you lose, you need to figure out how to pick that up times something, in these other spaces.” Grant Cardone • Grants initial response to the country shutting down and the decision he made that he wouldn’t make again. “Looking in retrospect, I made some mistakes.” Grant Cardone. Plus, You'll Also Hear, * How he led his team in a way that sustained energy and results. “And basically the theme was ain’t no virus going to stop us. And we have had the best year we’ve ever had at this company”. Grant Cardone. * How he made sure that his team would be able to keep their jobs. “As long as they do the right number, the right amount of outflow, the outflow is going to take care of the inflow.” Grant Cardone. * Why he thinks he’s been able to end the year with incredible results. “I think what happens is people that are committed, find the best part of them when they get hit and, and their commitments get challenged.” Grant Cardone. * His approach to staying connected with his audience and market. “So as you know, we’ve been virtual for a long time and, we have been very heavy in social media, and zoom or any way to deliver to the client every day, whether we’re paid for that or, not has been a heavy emphasis. So all we’ve done really is not just double down on that, but 10 X on that.” Grant Cardone. * The three questions that he asked his worried customers (to keep them). * His vital approach to partnerships. 3 Things To Do If You’re In Trouble Right Now (In Grant's Words). 1) "Make a decision that you’re responsible for COVID. Not the virus. Wu Han is responsible for that, but you are responsible for the condition you were in that you’re losing your job, your job’s at risk, your retirement’s at stake, whatever the case is". 2) "In addition to your job, you have to start scaling the job out. You have to scale something indestructible… I don’t mean diversified. I mean, in spots that are indestructible". 3) "The third thing is that I would tell people: You have to get around people who are thinking big. Don’t try to do things alone. People that are suffering right now are mostly the desperadoes...You don’t want to do success alone”. Grant Cardone. Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Business Lunch with Roland Frasier? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on ApplePodcasts and leave us an honest review! Your feedback will help us improve the show and connect us with more high flyers like you. You can also find us on your go-to podcast platform here.  Mentioned In This Episode Thank you to our partners, Conversion Fanatics. Find and Follow Grand Cardone At his website. On Twitter. Follow Roland Frasier On Facebook  On Instagram  Through his Website  Follow Business Lunch Podcast On Twitter On YouTube Click to find us on Apple Podcasts and other podcast players.
22 min
The Do You Even Blog Podcast
The Do You Even Blog Podcast
Pete McPherson
How the Social Media Guru Behind Taylor Swift & Rihanna Got 1M Followers in 30 Days - Brendan Kane
MTV. Taylor Swift. Rihanna. Vice. Sony. Paramount. What do these have in common? Brendan Kane has helped them grow their presence online! He's an author of several books as well--and today he's stopping by to chat about social media marketing. (Specifically grabbing attention and keeping it!) Show notes here: WANT TO LEAVE A VOICEMAIL AND GET FEATURED ON THE PODCAST? Visit and leave me a note! I'll give you a shoutout on the podcast, answer your question, and also link back to your website where appropriate :) FREE TRAININGS: 💻[Webinar] How to Start a Podcast (The Easy Way): 💻[PDF] Podcast Launch Checklist: 💻[7-Day Email Course] 60-Minute SEO: LET'S CONNECT! Instagram: Twitter: Private Facebook Group: Website: Private Membership Community: YouTube: COURSES & TOOLS: 👉1HR BLOG POST: 👉CONTENT EVERYWHERE: 👉Podcourse:
40 min
Leveling Up with Eric Siu
Leveling Up with Eric Siu
Eric Siu
Why I put 50% of my company's cash into Bitcoin
In this episode, Eric explains why he put 50% of his business' cash sheet into bitcoin. This may seem like a bold move, but as he explains here, there are some great arguments for bitcoin's utility and safety, and plenty of successful people who are doing the same. This is not financial advice per se, but definitely worth thinking about in the current uncertainty of the US and the world. TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: * [00:21] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast! * [00:24] The current political and economic climate and why this influenced Eric's strategy. * [01:20] What might happen in the coming months with different commodities. * [02:01] The case for bitcoin — the strongest cryptocurrency. * [02:30] Looking back at the highs and lows of bitcoin over the last decade. * [03:35] A few of the high profile backers of bitcoin currently. * [04:03] Practicality and utility; the argument for bitcoin's strengths. * [04:57] Some food for thought around cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Resources From The Interview: * Leveling Up * Michael Saylor * Square * Jack Dorsey * Chase * PayPal * CitiBank * Blackrock Leave Some Feedback: * What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. * Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review here * Subscribe to Leveling Up on iTunes * Get the non-iTunes RSS Feed Connect with Eric Siu: * Growth Everywhere * Single Grain * Eric Siu on Twitter
6 min
The Art of Online Business
The Art of Online Business
Rick Mulready
Quick Tip: Overcoming the Fear of Hiring
I am back with another quick tip episode. These episodes have tips or strategies you can use to help you grow your online business so you can have a bigger impact and increase your revenue in the process. Have you ever hired someone for your team that didn't work out? If you're nodding your head right now, you are very likely afraid to hire again because you don’t want to get burned a second time. I get it. I’ve been there. But if you want to truly have a bigger impact with your business, generate more income, and create freedom in your schedule, you cannot scale your business alone. You need help. So today I want to get into the mindset around hiring, particularly reframing it for those of you who have been burned before. Remember, there is no failure. You can always learn from a situation that didn’t go the way you hoped. If you hired someone and it didn't work out, how can you use that experience to improve your next hire? Don’t let it stop you from ever hiring again. Let’s talk it through together in this episode. Have you taken the Business Blindspot Quiz? It’s 11 questions that are going to help you uncover the blind spots in your business. Once you’ve identified them, you will receive action steps for overcoming and fixing those blind spots so that you can regain momentum and traction to reach your goals. The feedback from this quiz has been so great, so be sure to take it at Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Full show notes are available at
22 min
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