The Unfolding
The Unfolding
Nov 8, 2019
Page 26: JK Wilson
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For years JK Wilson locked away the traumatic experience that led to the birth of her son.  After giving him up for adoption, she believed that part of her story was over.  But God has a way of making beauty from ashes.
Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Episode 32: Indoctrination Through Education | School Board Meeting Follow-Up
I started my last social media post with a statement: “Recognizing a group which has overcome a lot of barriers.” In our county in Florida, where my children attend school, the idea was proposed to “celebrate” LGBTQ+ History Month in schools where kids of all ages would be taught this sexual ideology. I have been talking about taking a stand for the education of our children a lot lately. Being a mom and a Christian with a public platform, I receive letters from parents all across the country who have great concern over what their kids are being taught in schools. Recently, I received a message from a grandmother of a fourth grader after a book was sent home about two boys falling in love and kissing. We have seen in Virginia schools where there have been books about LGBT in kindergarten. When this issue came to my own doorstep this week, I had to practice what I preach. Why has sexual ideology become the forefront of educational endeavors? And why would you introduce teaching something like sexuality to kindergarten-aged kids that can’t even tie their own shoes? Why do school districts want to take the place of parents? I address these questions, my experience this week at my local school board meeting, and my suggestions for how we should approach this on the #FearlessPodcast. *Scripture Referenced* * Ephesians 5:15-16 * John 1:17 *Going Farther* * *Why states need to ditch mandatory ‘LGBT history’ education programs* – * *Virginia School District to Keep LGBTQ Children’s Books* – * Billy Graham sermon, “*Educational problems in America” *– *Websites:* * Billy Graham Evangelistic Association — * Billy Graham Radio — * Samaritan’s Purse — *Facebooks:* * Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Facebook: * Billy Graham Facebook: * Billy Graham Radio Facebook:
30 min
The Boundless Show
The Boundless Show
Focus on the Family
Sam Allberry Says Good Stuff About Singles: Episode 663
Men tell how they proposed to their girlfriends, plus myths about singleness, and is it time to stop texting a male friend? Featured musical artist: Abandon Roundtable: Engagement Stories (The Guys’ Side) With the holidays fast approaching, many young men are engagement-ring shopping in anticipation of popping the question to their girlfriends. The process can be nerve-wracking, but also a lot of fun. In part one of this conversation (part two with the ladies next week!), men share their proposal stories including the dos and don’ts, the plans and the surprises, and helpful ideas for making an engagement day meaningful.  Culture: Sam Allberry on Singleness Myths People say and assume a lot of weird things about singleness — and single adults. Pastor and author Sam Allberry has heard most of them. In this interview he addresses seven of the sneakiest, lamest and most damaging myths the world and even the church perpetuate about being single, and offers practical ways to respond to them. He also shares helpful encouragement for those of us wanting to reject the myths and thrive as Christian singles.    Inbox: Daily Texts, but Nothing Serious?  She’s been texting a guy daily for a year, but claims she doesn’t want anything serious because he doesn’t seem serious about his faith. Is it possible to stay in contact and remain friends? How should she move forward? Lisa Anderson weighs in.
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