The Dynamics that Make a Multiparty Negotiation Effective
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How do you manage multiparty negotiations? What should the preparation process look like? What kind of outcome do you strive for? Multiparty negotiations are a different beast. So how do you manage it? Mihai Isman joins me in this episode of Negotiations Ninja to share how he and his team tackle multiparty negotiations. 

Mihai is based in Cologne, Germany, where he heads up I&P Negotiation Consulting. They do commercial, political, and even union negotiations. Multiparty negotiations are their bread and butter. Listen to this episode to take advantage of his wide-ranging expertise!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] Multiparty negotiations
  • [2:13] Who is Mihai Isman?
  • [3:20] What most people don’t consider
  • [5:32] Align with others to play it safe
  • [6:40] Start with one-on-one conversations
  • [9:11] How you move from “position” to “interest”
  • [11:27] Choose your location(s) wisely
  • [14:29] The outcomes to look for in a multiparty negotiation
  • [17:08] How Mihai’s team works with multiple parties
  • [18:04] The pre-mortem analysis + optimism
  • [22:09] How to work through language differences
  • [24:38] How to connect with Mihai Isman

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