02| Neuropsychology for Non-Neuropsychologists – an Overview of the Field
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This week’s episode is meant for non-neuropsychologists, but neuropsychologists and trainees might enjoy hearing how we introduce the field.  We introduce and talk about what neuropsychology is and what neuropsychologists do.  Content includes:

  • A very brief history of the field
  • Clinical neuropsychology compared to research neuropsychology
  • Pediatric neuropsychology compared to adult neuropsychology
  • The training required to become a neuropsychologist
  • Similarities and differences between neuropsychology and related fields
  • Conditions for which patients see clinical neuropsychologists and how neuropsychologists can help them
  • Settings where neuropsychologists work
  • The nuts and bolts of a neuropsychological evaluation – from a patient’s perspective and from a neuropsychologist’s perspective
  • How to find a neuropsychologist for yourself or a family member


Show notes are available at www.NavNeuro.com/02


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Thanks for listening, and join us next time as we continue to navigate the brain and behavior!


[Note: This podcast and all linked content is intended for general educational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of psychology or any other professional healthcare advice and services. No professional relationship is formed between hosts and listeners. All content is to be used at listeners’ own risk.  Users should always seek appropriate medical and psychological care from their licensed healthcare provider.]

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