51. Emotional Abuse
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I often get asked how to differentiate between unkind words and emotional abuse. In today's episode I discuss this with my Psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Martineau, to show how this topic is handled from the coaching and counseling perspectives.


Dr. Martineau runs an adult ADHD clinic with his wife and Life Coach, Kristen Martineau. To learn more about their incredible practice go to https://refocusadhdutah.com. Enjoy!

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Corrine Stokoe
Tia Stokes and Choosing Happy: Finding the Good Through Cancer, Covid, and Grief
Tia Stokes is a 35-year-old mother of 5 kids who was diagnosed on April 24, 2020, with acute myeloid leukemia. And every day since, she has been documenting her journey of fighting cancer. Tia is a dancer, choreographer, owner of two dance studios, and former backup dancer to celebrity singer Beyonce (no big deal!). Today, Tia shares the raw and real ups and downs of having cancer, getting COVID and pneumonia, needing a bone marrow transplant, and also losing her mother after her first round of chemo. Tia has a fiercely loyal following of supporters, who dance and cheer her on, and are inspired daily by her positive attitude, her dedication to her family, her faith, and her choice to find the good in everything. She tries to choose happiness every day, no matter the circumstances she's going through. Happiness is a choice and a free agency that we've been given. And she hopes that her story and her experiences can shed light and love to all those around her. This interview was one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard and if you need some positive motivation to just keep going, no matter what trial you're facing in life, this episode is just for you! In this episode, you will hear: * What her life looked like before her diagnosis * We never want to hear the word, cancer, and we never think it's going to happen to you – but a part of her had that feeling that she was more than just being sick. * When she got the final diagnosis, she had to be admitted to the hospital to have her first chemo induction for 31 days – at a time of COVID. * Social media became a great outlet for her so she wouldn’t feel alone and her family would have Zoom call with her every single day * Hearing the news that her mother had passed away that morning after her first round of chemo * What her life was like doing chemo treatments and getting COVID * Learning she had acute kidney failure and pneumonia (She’s currently recovering from her transplant.) * How her faith played a huge part in everything she’s going through * Her decision to choose positivity every day and some things she does to really make that choice to be positive * The power of gratitude that’s scientifically proven * How the community she found on TikTok has lifted her spirit Supporting Resources: Tia’s Instagram @thetiabeestokes https://www.instagram.com/thetiabeestokes Tia’s Tik Tok @thetiabeestokes https://www.tiktok.com/@thetiabeestokes?lang=en Tia’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHy4zEbH__dzvZUszzV6a6w Subscribe and Review Have you subscribed to our podcast? We’d love for you to subscribe if you haven’t yet. We’d love it even more if you could drop a review or 5-star rating over on Apple Podcasts. Simply select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” then a quick line with your favorite part of the episode. It only takes a second and it helps spread the word about the podcast. Episode Credits Produced by Emerald City Productions
43 min
3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
Rachel Nielson
170: Taking Care of Mama after a Baby // Andrea Faulkner Williams of Tubby Todd Bath Co.
In this episode, we get to hear from an amazing woman and cheerleader for moms, Andrea Faulkner Williams, co-founder of this month’s podcast sponsor, https://3in30podcast.com/tubby_todd/ (Tubby Todd Bath Co). Andrea is a mother of four who is passionate about empowering women to take care of themselves while they take care of their little ones–and this is never more important than right after a woman has a baby. Childbirth and the postpartum recovery are soul-stretching, and in today’s episode, Andrea Faulkner Williams focuses on the importance of taking care of Mom after she has a baby - no matter if this is her first baby or her fifth baby. Every single birth and postpartum experience is completely different, and we do ourselves and each other such a disservice when we minimize or rush postpartum recovery, self-care, and community-care for new moms. I know that after my daughter Sally was born, I needed so much more hands-on help than I was expecting. I’d had a difficult pregnancy and delivery and needed to do a lot of physical healing, and on top of that, my hormones and emotions were out of control, with debilitating anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.  I was also in a unique position because I was already a mother via adoption, but this was my first time ever delivering a baby–so I was healing from that AND learning how to breastfeed and doing all of the “first time” mom things, even though I wasn’t a first-time mom.  My mother-in-law had come to town to help me for the week after the baby was born, and I’d thought that would be more than enough help. I quickly discovered that we needed her to just take care of my toddler and the house, and I needed someone to take care of me and the baby–to help me hobble to the bathroom while I was healing, bring me food and manage my emotional breakdowns. I felt like a wimp that I needed so much help, but my good husband tried to call into work to get a few extra days off. Unfortunately, he was fairly new at his job at the time, and they weren’t very flexible with him, which was honestly really disappointing. I only share all of this to say that childbirth and postpartum is no joke, and I really do believe that we as a society need to do a better job of supporting new moms and encouraging them to take care of themselves without feeling guilty or weak.  Andrea Faulkner Williams is here today to teach us three ways that we can do a better job of caring for ourselves after a baby, no matter if it’s our first baby or our fifth!   3 Takeaways from Andrea Faulkner Williams about Taking Care of Mama after a Baby-Listen to Mama. As new moms, we need to listen to our intuition as it guides us to what our bodies and souls need. We also need to be aware of our negative self-talk so we can STOP listening to it.  Give yourself time. Remember that when you add a new human to your family unit, everything changes, and it may take months or even years to get into the groove of a new normal. Be gentle with yourself and with your relationships. Ask God for one or two things that you can focus on doing for yourself and your family and let go of the rest until a different season. You’ve got this, Mama! This is the truth, and you deserve to believe this–and if you can’t yet believe it because you don’t have the adequate resources in your life, then please reach out for professional support and social support. Your kids deserve a happy mom, and you deserve to be a happy mom.    >>>Did you relate to Andrea Faulkner Williams’ tips on self-care after you have a baby? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below!   -Show Notes- Andrea Faulkner Williams’ Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/andreafaulknerwilliams/ (andreafaulknerwilliams )...
36 min
About Progress
About Progress
Monica Packer
AP 321: 3 Tips to Becoming a Book Worm || Growth Spurt
As a young child you could hardly find me without a book, as reading was something I truly loved and carried a passion for into adulthood. As I became a mother, it continued, but slowed to a halt after my third child was born. When I created my first Do Something Plan I nervously wrote down "read 20 books" thinking I might never reach that goal. But slowly, I got back into my book worm ways and this year hope to read 80 books. See my top book recommendations here! Tune in to hear the 3 ways you can make reading a part of your life again, or for the first time. These tips will work for anyone because I'm addressing your approach to reading. With these tricks you can create this habit, even if it starts small, and develop a really fulfilling relationship with reading. About a few other things... Can you help me out really quickly? Take this 3-5 minute survey that let's me know how to better serve you, the women of this community. I'll select 5 participants to receive a thank you gift! Sign up for the Go Getter Newsletter to get Progress Pointers in your inbox every Thursday. SHOW NOTES * Get my sleep makeover or social media challenge here * Take this quick survey to help me improve the podcast! * Get started on belonging to yourself with this free resource * Visit &Collar and get free shipping with code 'PROGRESS' * Get the Organization Overhaul audio course * Join the monthly membership group * Get your first month+ FREE with Libsyn using code MONICA * Lend your voice and experience + be featured on the show HERE * Join Monica on Facebook and Instagram * Songs Credit: DRIVE by Dj Nicolai Heidlas @nicolai-heidlas Music provided by FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS AND VIDEOS bit.ly/freemusicforvlogs
17 min
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