Anubis, Who Dis?
57 min

Nepthys finally gives birth to her divine bastard, embalmer of the gods, the jackal-headed deity of the dead, Anubis. Also Paul tells Sarah about the 42 transgressions one must be absolved of before being admitted to Osiris's afterlife.

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Nordic Mythology Podcast
Nordic Mythology Podcast
Mathias Nordvig and Daniel Farrand
The History of the Blood Eagle with Luke John Murphy
Maybe this would have made a better Halloween episode, but this week is all about the macabre Viking ritual known as the "Blood Eagle," as made famous in the show Vikings.* **Luke John Murphy** *has been researching the historical and practical sides of the ritual and has come on the show to share his findings with* **Mathias** *and* **Daniel**.* Surprisingly Daniel seems to have an amazing intuitive understanding of the medical science behind cracking open someone's ribcage, to the point that it would be worrying if he wasn't such a nice guy. Luke was an amazing guest so please consider heading over to his website and checking out some of his other academic papers. The one about English hair goddesses sounds particularly fun. You can find that paper and many more at: *** *Also the issues with Mathias's sound are unfortunately ongoing. The problem isn't with actual equipment it's his internet connection. That's what he gets for living deep in the mountains. Anyway we are working on a solution and appreciate your patience. * *That's it for this week! If you like what we do please consider supporting us on *Patreon**: **** *We put all the money back into the show to bring you a better product and your support means the world to us. If you are a bit financially strapped right now but still want to help us out please consider leaving a review on Apple podcasts as that also really helps. Thank you for listening!
1 hr 26 min
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