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My New Life
Jun 17, 2020
House Tours & Other Real-Life Experiences that Build Your Baby’s Brain
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Talk to any toddler for more than a couple of minutes, and you will be easily reminded of how thirsty they are for knowledge and information. While humans are continuously learning, we are born with something of an empty canvas and it’s the early experiences that we encounter as babies that form the brain architecture to support that learning.


At a birthing class, Jessica Rolph was introduced to a book that helped her put the science of early learning into action with her own baby and ultimately inspired her to create Lovevery. This book was written by Dr. William H. Staso, the guest on today’s episode.


Will is a psychologist who focuses on the assessment of autism in children under 3 years old. In 1999, he published “Neural Foundations: What Stimulation Your Baby Needs to Become Smart,” a book about the experiences that form the early architecture of the brain. In it, he shares multiple ideas for learning activities and ways to engage with your baby.


Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Dr. Will Staso explains what happens on a neurological level during the first 3 years of life.

[4:52] The importance of a baby’s environment to when it comes to wiring neurons.

[6:41] What parents can do to promote language acquisition.

[8:58] Will explains ways to stimulate your baby’s brain in place of flashing, noisy toys.

[10:06] Will talks about experienced-based activities.

[11:36] What does the perfect learning environment for a baby look like?

[14:10] The role of the adult and how to interact with your baby.

[15:55] Discovery learning requires non-restrictive parenting.

[17:49] Awareness of location and quantities prepare your child for letters and numbers later on.

[18:25] Learning sequences and making predictions.

[19:52] Nature or nurture?

[20:35] What does smartness really look like?

[21:45] Why is one brain more efficient than another?

[21:59] Will sums up his advice to parents.


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“Neural Foundations: What Stimulation Your Baby Needs to Become Smart” Dr. William H. Staso. To get a free copy of the book, please DM Jessica Rolph on Instagram

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