#46: OK Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room – Regret
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Maheen talks about regret and how to let go of the past. 

We all have events, situations and circumstances that we just wish didn’t exist. Things that plague our mind that we wish we could forget, but the thoughts keep coming back! Decisions that we have made, for which we pray and hope that the next day when we wake up could have been a nice dream. Or maybe our dreams are full of wanting to have actually done something at all! Regret.

From the show:

-“We all wish we could go back and hop into a Tardis, go back and do things differently” (Maheen – 1:25)

- What are sins of commission and ommission? (2:05)

- Why don’t we let go of the past? What is holding us back? Will we be vulnerable is we do? Is regret seen as some part of your identity? (5:20)

- “For you to feel regret you need two things; agency and imagination” (Maheen – 7:14)

- What are the stages of regret? (12:13)

- “Your perception of the past is just thoughts, it’s not happening right now. A lot of energy is going into something that is all in our heads” (Maheen – 15:05)


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