Music Student 101
Music Student 101
Dec 28, 2020
94-Instrument Care Pt.3-Brass
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We don't show enough love to our good horn section and other brass players! We're going to start making that right with a discussion on the general care and maintenance for the tuba, trombone, euphonium, horns, trumpet and other brass instruments! We will discuss their mechanics, routine cleaning suggestions and how to keep them sounding shiny and brassy!

Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
How Much to Charge for Your Work | INTRO MUSIC COMPETITION $100 PRIZE!
In this episode of the Mixing Music Podcast, Dee Kei talks about all the different things to consider when figuring out how much to charge for your services. LINK TO UPLOAD YOUR INTRO MUSIC: Unfortunately, we are no longer offering free mix feedback via email. If you would like for us to give us feedback on your music, please apply at HIRE DEE KEI: HIRE LU: DOWNLOAD FREE STUFF HERE: Find Dee Kei and Lu on Social Media: Instagram: @DeeKeiMixes @midsidesound Twitter: @DeeKeiMixes Join the ‘Mixing Music Podcast’ Group: Discord: Facebook: The Mixing Music Podcast with Dee Kei and Lu is sponsored by In the Mix Studios, Antares (Auto-Tune), Lauten Audio, and Filepass. The Mixing Music Podcast is a video and audio series on the art of music production and post-production. Dee Kei and Lu are both professionals in the Los Angeles music industry having worked with names like Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, Ray J, Smokepurrp, Benny the Butcher, Sueco the Child, Ari Lennox, G-Eazy, Phresher, Lucky Daye, DDG, Lil Xan, Masego, $SNOT, Kanye West, King Kanja, Dreamville, BET, Universal Music, Interscope Records, etc. This video podcast is meant to be used for educational purposes only. This show is filmed at IN THE MIX STUDIOS located in North Hollywood, California. If you would like to sponsor the show, please email us at
29 min
Steve Stine Guitar Podcast
Steve Stine Guitar Podcast
Steve Stine
Chords Workshop 4: Open Chord Creativity
In this Chords Workshop (recorded live), Steve’s going to show you how to get creative with open chords, so you can add melody and style to your chords... and have more fun when you play guitar.  For more chords lessons, check out Steve’s new course Power Chord Creativity:  They say practice makes perfect, but in playing the guitar, it takes more than just practice. It takes a whole lot more, and that is creativity. Those who play the guitar mostly follow theories and are afraid of deviating from the normal.  In this episode with Steve Stine, you will learn how creativity changes the music you make. We’ll dive deep into chord creativity using open chords and how it changes and produces really good and unique music. Not only that, but you will also learn how to play the chords effectively and cleanly.  Listen to this podcast to improve your strumming and create amazing music! *Highlights:* * Putting the pinky on the first string on the 3rd fret to add in sound on top or higher register on top * What is Suspended chord and how it changes your music * Adding a note and finger  * Taking the first finger off the guitar and how it changes the sound * Pivot points in guitar and how it works when playing * Consistent tonality of a sound * How to look for interesting sound to play  * Consistency of sounds on the top three strings * How leaving fingers intentionally can achieve a certain sound * Taking bar chords and splitting away bar chords to create a very unique sound * How to create consistent open string sound If you love this episode please subscribe and leave an iTunes 5-star review. If you want to improve your guitar playing and take it to the next level, head over to
27 min
Music Production Podcast
Music Production Podcast
Brian Funk
#207: Jordan Rudess - Composer, Music Technologist, Dream Theater's Keyboardist
Jordan Rudess is a composer, music technologist, and keyboardist for progressive metal group Dream Theater. Jordan was voted "the best keyboardist of all-time" by Music Radar. He founded Wizdom Music to push the boundaries of music technology. Their newest release is GeoShred 5, a highly expressive, MPE instrument for iOS and soon desktop. Jordan also plays in the prog-metal super-group Liquid Tension Experiment, who are releasing their new album on March 26th, 2021. Jordan and I sat down to talk about his work in Dream Theater and Wizdom Music. Jordan shared his outlook on the future of expressive digital instruments, highlighting both the advantages and challenges these new devices provide musicians. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play or Spotify; watch on YouTube Jordan Rudess Links: * Jordan's Web Site: * Wizdom Music and GeoShred 5: * Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory: * Liquid Tension Experiment: * YouTube: * Instagram: * Join Jordan on Patreon: Show Notes: * Music Radar's Greatest Keyboardists of All-Time: * Sonubus: * Haken Continuum: * Roli Seaboard: * Artiphone Orba: Brian Funk Links: * Website - * Music Production Club - * Music Production Podcast - * Save 25% on Ableton Live Packs at My Store with the code: PODCAST This episode is sponsored by Vareschi Mastering: Thank you for listening. Please review the Music Production Podcast on your favorite podcast provider! And don’t forget to visit my site for music production tutorials, videos, and sound packs. Brian Funk
46 min
Learn Jazz Standards Podcast
Learn Jazz Standards Podcast
Brent Vaartstra: Jazz Musician, Author, and Entrepreneur
LJS 259: 7 Steps for Not Getting Lost During Your Jazz Solos
Welcome to episode 259 where today we're addressing a really common problem improvisers face, which is getting lost in the form while you are soloing. Getting lost is something that happens to everyone, but the key is reducing this occurrence and being able to get back on quickly. Here are 7 steps to consider. Listen to episode 259 So you're in the middle of your solo, and you are playing all the notes. You think you are playing the changes. You're getting swept away. Then all of a sudden you realize, I don't know where I am in the song.  This horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach comes up, and you feel embarrassed. You don't even know what you're doing. You just started playing random notes. You're getting disflustered. All these things are coming about, you just don't know where you are in the song anymore. Somehow, you got lost.  And so the big question is, how can we avoid this from happening? How can we avoid getting lost when we are playing jazz standards, when we are improvising our solos? And how do we set ourselves up for success so that this does not happen to you ever again? That's exactly what we are going to talk about in today's episode. And we're going to go over 7 questions to ask yourself if you are doing these things or not, to help you avoid this mistake. In this episode: 1. How are you learning the tune? By ear or by sheet music? 2. Can you recognize the sounds of basic chord progressions? 3. Do you practice singing along with the form? 4. Do you practice with a metronome? 5. Do you have a good concept of playing subdivisions? 6. Do you practice keeping track of the form while listening to recordings? 7. Do you practice improvising off of the melody? Important Links 1. LJS Inner Circle Membership
26 min
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