Music Student 101
Music Student 101
Jan 24, 2021
95-Orchestration-Strings Pt.1
Play • 1 hr 15 min

Orchestration is the art of choosing the right instruments, and the proper balance thereof, for a composition. Different considerations go into conveying different moods and emotions to better tell the story. The string section is often the most utilized. So well will focus on it's instruments: the contra bass, the cello, the viola and the violin!

Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
Special Production Techniques, Touring, and Songwriting with Special Guests, SEGO
In this special episode of the Mixing Music podcast, Dee Kei and Lu interview the band, SEGO. Sego is currently located in LA but used to tour around the nation until the pandemic. We are so happy to have them on the show and talk about their production process, touring secrets, and tips for other musicians. Recorded at In the Mix Studios located in North Hollywood, CA. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering free mix feedback via email. If you would like for us to give us feedback on your music, please apply at HIRE DEE KEI: HIRE LU: DOWNLOAD FREE STUFF HERE: Find Dee Kei and Lu on Social Media: Instagram: @DeeKeiMixes @midsidesound Twitter: @DeeKeiMixes Join the ‘Mixing Music Podcast’ Group: Discord: Facebook: The Mixing Music Podcast with Dee Kei and Lu is sponsored by In the Mix Studios, Antares (Auto-Tune), Lauten Audio, and Filepass. The Mixing Music Podcast is a video and audio series on the art of music production and post-production. Dee Kei and Lu are both professionals in the Los Angeles music industry having worked with names like Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, Ray J, Smokepurrp, Benny the Butcher, Sueco the Child, Ari Lennox, G-Eazy, Phresher, Lucky Daye, DDG, Lil Xan, Masego, $SNOT, Kanye West, King Kanja, Dreamville, BET, Universal Music, Interscope Records, etc. This video podcast is meant to be used for educational purposes only. This show is filmed at IN THE MIX STUDIOS located in North Hollywood, California. If you would like to sponsor the show, please email us at
46 min
Perpetual Chess Podcast
Perpetual Chess Podcast
Ben Johnson
EP.215 - Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar (Adult Improver Series)
We are back with  another Adult Improver Edition of Perpetual Chess. My guest, Vishnu Sreekumar, is a 35 year-old cognitive scientist and dad, who has been dedicating many hours to studying and playing chess since he rediscovered his love for the game in 2018. There have been plenty of obstacles along the way, but Vishnu has had great success, as his USCF rating has  risen from 1675 to 1954 in the 1.5 years preceding the onset of Covid’s changes to all of our lives.  During this period  he has continued to work on his chess, although unfortunately work responsibilities and a pending move back to his native India may soon slow down his chess schedule. Vishnu is also a classically-trained pianist. This background gives him even more perspective on the field of adult learning. So between the chess talk and the neuroscience talk, there is a lot to learn from Vishnu. Please read on for many more details and timestamps.    0:00- Vishnu shares a bit about his background and his beginnings in chess, as well as his initial tentative return to tournament play in 2018. .  Mentioned: GM Nihail Sarin,  Meet the Dojo with GM Jesse Kraai- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  How to Reassess Your Chess by IM Jeremy Silman, Pawn Structure Chess by GM Andy Soltis    12:30- Perpetual Chess is proud to be brought to you in part by To check out their latest offerings, you can go here: 13:00- At the peak of his chess obsession, Vishnu was spending 3+ hours a day on chess while maintaining work and family responsibilities as well. In this segment, Vishnu shares some of the resources he studied, but he also reflects on that period of obsession, and the adjustments he has since made to make sure that chess doesn’t supplant his family and work responsibilities.  Mentioned: Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies, Grandmaster Chess- Positional Play,   Test Your Chess IQ. Understanding Chess Move by Move, Tal Botvinnik 1960 , GM Jesse Kraai, Episode 44 with GM Jesse Kraai, Episode 175 with GM Jesse Kraai    21:00- Vishnu answers a question from the Perpetual Chess Patreon mailbag. “Is it better to study tactics from a book or from an online tactics trainer?”  Mentioned: The Test of Time, Winning with the King’s Indian by Eduard Gufeld    26:00- Patreon question: “What are Vishnu’s biggest regrets in how he has studied chess?”  Mentioned: GM R.B. Ramesh    33:00- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by which collates data from your online games and gives you actionable advice and lessons. Check out the site, and if you subscribe use the Promo code “Chess30” to get a 30% discount.   35:00- Vishnu answers a few questions from Patreon supporters  relating to the cognitive science of chess.  Mentioned: Practical Chess Exercises, Lev Alburt Pocket Chess Training Books, Woodpecker Method, Sherlock’s Method, Universal Chess Training,  IM Elizabeth Paehtz, Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics    41:00- Patreon question: “As a cognitive scientist, why does Vishnu think it’s so hard for adults to improve at chess?”  Mentioned: IM Greg Shahade, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Peter Svidler, GM Jan Gustafsson, IM Kostya Kavutskiiy, GM Jesse Kraai, GM Avetik Grigoryan    57:30- Another Patreon question- “Is there a correlation between chess and long term brain health?”    1:00:00- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by!  Check out their blog here:  and check out their YouTube, featuring Lessons with a Grandmaster here:   1:01:00- Does Vishnu have advice for how to balance a desire to improve at chess with work and family responsibilities?  1:08:00- We discuss Vishnu’s background in music, as well as his daughter’s burgeoning interest in music. He also answers a Patreon mailbag question relating to whether he thinks that chess talent and music talent are transferable?    Mentioned: The Steps Method    1:16:00- With Vishnu moving to India and opening a lab, what role will chess take in his life?    Thanks to Vishnu for sharing his chess story! You can keep up with him via Twitter or Facebook Vishnu Sreekumar | Facebook See for privacy information.
1 hr 25 min
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