The Mystery of the “A” Boats
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On Valentine’s Day 1983, two new, beautiful sister ships, the Americus and the Altair sank in the Bering Sea in calm water while on their way to the king crab grounds near the Pribilof Islands. Fourteen men lost their lives in the worst disaster in the history of U.S. commercial fishing. A massive investigation ensued to determine what happened to the boats and what could be done to make commercial fishing safer.











Those lost:
The Americus:
George Nations
Brent Boles
Larry Littlefield
Rich Awes
Victor Bass
Jeff Nations
Paul Northcutt

The Altair:
Ronald Beirnes
Jeff Martin
Lark Breckenridge
Troy Gudbranson
Randy Harvey
Brad Melvin
Tony Vienhage

Much of my newsletter is based on the book Lost At Sea by Patrick Dillon. I’ve read this book three times, and I highly recommend it. Dillon extensively researched the losses of the Americus and Altair. He talked to fishermen, families of those lost, investigators, marine architects, and many other experts and observers. He tells a heart-felt and fact-filled story, not only about the “A” boats but about the commercial fishing industry and the politics of commercial fishing in the early 1980s. There’s so much more in his book than I’ve told you here, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to put it down once you start reading it.

Twenty Years After A-Boat Disasters, Scars Remain in Community. Available at:

United States Coast Guard Marine Casualty Report. Available at:


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Murderific True Crime Podcast
Murderific True Crime Podcast
Murderific Mini #10: Matthew Cushing
Murder + Horrific = Murderific. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this Murderific episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: This episode was also sponsored by Best Fiends. Find this app in the Apple App Store or Google Play! Executive Producers: Kristina B., Mike T. & Beth Ann L. Enjoy this episode earlier than the public release and thank you for being our Patron! In 2008, 21 year old Matthew Cushing laid in wait for his family in Old Orchard Beach, Maine...first killing his younger brother - then his stepfather, mother and even the family dog. He then tried to cover his tracks. Questions remain about his motives to this day. Welcome to Murderific Mini Episode 10! Promo: Military Murder Podcast (instagram @militarymurderpodcast) Contact Us: Call 1-207-200-8813 to leave a voice message for us which we may play on the air! Patreon: Buy Me a Coffee: Sources:
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Murder In The Rain
Murder In The Rain
Murder In The Rain
This week’s story isn’t about moving, and the murder doesn’t take place in the northwest (I know!), but its origins do. So let’s Haul...ass to Ridgefield, Washington, 1943 where fate would have two lovers meet, start a company that would change how we move, lead to one of the most public and expensive family feuds in modern history and leave a family destroyed by suicide and murder. Today I’m talking about the ubiquitous brand, U-haul, and the murder of its founder’s daughter-in-law, Ava Shoen. Help save the planet and get your toilet paper delivered right to your door! Go to ( ) and use code ‘RAIN’ to get 15% off. Want to cut down some stress and eat great? Try Gobble! Gobble is a delicious and nutritious meal kit company that sends you fresh ingredients you can cook in just 15 minutes and enjoy. Get your first 6 meals for $36 AND with free shipping by going to ( ) Looking to relax? Kefla Organics puts 25mg of CBD in their delicious products. Use code ‘Rain20’ at check out to get 20% off organic CBD products from Kefla Organic ( ). If you are clamoring for more MITR, join us on Patreon ( ) ! You’ll get social media shout-outs, access to mini-episodes, more bloopers, and more! You can also access all of our mini-episodes now by unlocking our exclusive content ( ) on RedCircle. KOIN - Where We Live Ridgefield the Birthplace of U-haul ( ) | Forbes - Insight U-hauls Rollercoaster Ride from Nastiest Family Feud to Market Dominance ( ) | LA Times - The Long, Strange Trip of the U-Haul Family ( ) | AP News - Man Tells How He Killed U-Haul Heir ( ) | Unsolved Mysteries Fandom - Eva Shoen ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
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Suffer the Little Children
Suffer the Little Children
Suffer the Little Children
Episode 51: Poppie Van der Merwe (Part 2)
In episode 50, I began telling you the story of a three-year-old girl named Poppie Van der Merwe, whose utterly preventable death shocked the nation of South Africa. After multiple reports that Poppie and her five-year-old brother were being abused, social services became involved, but the family moved to avoid the investigation. Three weeks later, Poppie was dead, and in this episode, I’ll go over the events that followed the arrests of both her stepfather and her mother. This is the story of the murder of a blonde, blue-eyed little doll whose smile stole the hearts of an entire country. It’s also a sadly familiar story of the failure of an agency tasked with protecting children despite countless warning signs and multiple reports from those close to the family. This is part 2 of the heartbreaking story of Poppie Van der Merwe. Francois Nolte’s short film based on Poppie's story, Porselein, can be viewed here. ( Huge thanks to today’s sponsor: Smile Brilliant provides teeth whitening and oral care products customized just for you! Visit their website here. Photos related to today's episode can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow the podcast on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, and Pinterest. My Linktree is available here. Visit the podcast's web page at Please help make the show my full-time gig to keep the weekly episodes coming! By supporting me, you'll also access rewards, including a shout-out by name on the podcast and exclusive gifts! This podcast is written, hosted, edited, and produced by Laine. For more stories like Poppie’s, visit Suffer the Little Children Blog. Music for this episode is from Subscribe to Suffer the Little Children on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube, or your favorite podcast listening platform.
54 min
Murder Dictionary
Murder Dictionary
Brianna Miera
Railroad Killers: William Guatney
This episode we discuss how William Guatney crossed the US on the train working at various state and county fairs. During the same years many boys were abducted and murdered wherever railroad junctions and fairs crossed paths. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patreon at If you’d like shirts, mugs, phone cases, & other merch, you can shop at Please rate, review, subscribe & follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to stay updated on new episodes, true crime tidbits, inappropriate jokes about death, and ridiculous serial killer memes. We appreciate you telling your friends or family about us, & posting about the show on your social media! MURDER DICTIONARY LINKS: Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : iTunes : WILLIAM GUATNEY LINKS:,1260571,2658460 WELLNESS RESOURCE LINKS:
1 hr 27 min
True Crime Reporter
True Crime Reporter
Robert Riggs
Murder Mayhem and Meth: The Real Breaking Bad In Texas | E2
As we work on future episodes about notorious prison breaks in Texas and violent crazy cults, I want to share an episode from our sister podcast Justice Facts. My cohost is Bill Johnston who is featured in Season 1 of my True Crime Reporter™ podcast called Free to Kill.  Johnston then a federal prosecutor launched the manhunt for serial killer Kenneth McDuff. A television show based on the podcast is currently in development. If you have not listened to the 17-episode series, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to Season 1 - Episode 1 to hear about the worst serial killer in Texas history. He is worse than Ted Bundy! Johnston and I reconnected as a result of that series and started the Justice Facts podcast together. The true crime cases from our careers are stranger than fiction. In this episode from our Justice Facts Podcast, we start with the notorious meth cook that Texas Narcotics Agents called “Mr. Z”. Talk among informants was that “Mr. Z” was the man. The big shot. The kingpin of methamphetamine operations in North and East Texas. Mr. Z. provided the formula, know-how, and muscle for meth labs across a wide swath of the state in the early 1980s. He was a true-life version of Walt in Breaking Bad. But possessed by extreme paranoia that stockpiled an arsenal of stolen military weapons. It’s a case of Murder, Mayhem, and Methamphetamines. P.S. We want to become your favorite True Crime Podcast. In order to do so, we need your review on Apple. Please join our True Crime Fan newsletter to get updates on upcoming episodes and crime stories not on our podcast. Click here to SUBSCRIBE. Follow us on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube
43 min
Forensic Tales
Forensic Tales
Courtney Fretwell
Nose Job Murder: Shayna Hubers
#061 - On October 12th, 2012, 28-year old Ryan Poston, a successful attorney from Kentucky was found dead, shot 6 times in his condo. He’d been shot to death by his girlfriend Shayna Hubers. According to Shayna, she wasn't some sort of cold blooded killer. She said she shot him out of self-defense. It was either kill or be killed.  After a bizarre police interrogation, Shayna was arrested and charged with Ryan’s murder. At trial, it came down to whether you believed the prosecution’s star forensic expert, or the defense’s expert. It became a story known as the “Nose Job Murder”. A Jodi Arias Copycat. A murder that would be forever talked about. *Support My Work * If you love the show, the easiest way to show your support is by leaving us a positive rating with a review. You can also tell your family and friends about Forensic Tales. *Patreon - *If you would like to get early AD-free access to new episodes, have access to exclusive bonus content, snag exclusive show merch or just want to support what I'm doing, please visit our Patreon page: *Support Us by Supporting Our Sponsors: *Podcorn - Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: Happiness Question Podcast - Subscribe and listen here: Upper Left Corner: PNW True Crime Podcast - Subscribe and listen.  For a complete list of sources, please visit: Support the show (
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