Modern Manifestation
Bre Brown
Bre Brown is redefining the law of attraction with the Modern Manifestation podcast; A mindset podcast designed to empower women to boldly pursue their life goals, so they can find their own version of success, joy, and happiness. Each episode is curated to help women manifest their goals by ‘doing’ less and ‘becoming’ more of their authentic self. Learn how to attract the abundant life you want by building an identity that manifests for you, as a result of WHO you are, and not what you do. Discover how your personality creates your personal reality. To help you manifest effortlessly, Bre focuses on creating a growth mindset through topics related to shadow work, limiting beliefs, perfectionism, inner growth, boundary setting, intuition, divine feminine energy, and overall self improvement as the foundation for mastering abundance. This personal development podcast answers your burning questions: What is manifestation? How to manifest? How does manifestation work? How do I manifest the life I want? How do I create more success? What are the best manifestation techniques? What is the law of attraction? How can I improve my attitude? How do I let go of a scarcity mindset? How can I be more positive? How can I change my identity? If you’re asking yourself these questions and you want to create a life changing transformation that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit, this podcast is for you. Join this growing community of self-healers today! Follow Bre on Instagram: @Modernmanifestation Follow Bre on Facebook: Follow Bre on Pinterest: All other freebies, show notes, and more:
Modern Manifestation
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