The Misogi and pushing the boundaries of what is possible (Part 1).
19 min

Hello monkiis,

I am psyched that by publishing this episode, I have achieved my goal of creating 12 podcast episodes in 2019. Sweet! I purposely set the bar a little low knowing that I could achieve this goal with relative ease and that would motivate me to create even more content. It's pretty interesting how even though I know I am basically 'tricking' myself, it still works. I recorded this episode out in a Ponderosa Pine forest, in the dark, just outside the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was at a campground preparing to run the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Basically, you start at the South Rim, run 24-miles over to the North Rim, turn around, and then run 24-miles back. This totals out to 48-miles and over 10,000 vertical feet of climbing. It would be the perfect 'Misogi'. I first heard about this wild concept in Outside Magazine. In the article, Kyle Korver, an NBA basketball player and a group of friends are on a boat off the California coast. Their Misogi was to carry a 70+ pound rock under water for 2-miles. The took turns relaying the rock as far as they could go and eventually, they completed what felt like an impossible task. I didn't need to read much farther to be enticed. The article came out in 2014 and I was already attempting Misogi-esc challenges, but I didn't yet have a name for those endeavors. As soon as I heard of the concept of the Misogi I have fully adopted the principles as my own. The whole concept is to expand your imagination for what is possible. If you complete what once was thought to be an impossible challenge, what are your true boundaries? What I also love about the concept is that it is relative. The challenge is purely subjective and thus anyone can take on a Misogi of their own. It's also less above the physical challenge and even more so, the Misogi emphasizes building mental strength and fortitude. It's not something you do every week. So far, I've been attempting a Misogi about once per year. Enjoy!

The monkii family wants to know, what is your Misogi?

Click here for the Misogi Outside Magazine Article.


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