Stress and Anxiety
10 min

Hey monkiis,

On this episode, I share some thoughts on stress and anxiety. For the last month or so, I've been waking up between 2-3am and can't fall back asleep. There is no one specific reason, it's just that life has gotten more complex and there is a lot to manage, problem solve, and remember. This unfortunate lack of sleep has made me realize how important the mind is to overall health and well-being. My good friend and monkii co-founder David has always said that peace of mind is priceless. I often find that a lack of peace is often due to my own actions more than something external. I think that is why it causes so much more rumination and is so much more disruptive. For pretty much my whole life I've always focused on physical training in lieu of any sort of dedicated mental practice. However, this last month has really made me realize how important that is. It doesn't matter how fit you are if your head is a mess.

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monkii on!

-monkii Dan

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