Isometrics, Heat Therapy, Neural Plasticity, and the monkii Book Club
23 min

Howdy monkiis,

This episode was inspired by some recent training, some recent podcasts I've listened to, and a few books I've been reading recently.

I have started to include more isometric training as well as single-arm training specifically into pulling exercises (Rows/Pullups). I feel that this helps to pull the shoulders back and combat the constant rolling forward of the shoulders due to our modern world/phones. I've also been including regular single-arm pull training with Rows and Pullups. It's been a goal of mine for years to be able to do a one-arm Pullup. Maybe 2020 is the year...

I've also been including a regular sauna session after training 2-4 times per week. It feels WILD and I also include stretching in the heat. This significantly improves my range-of-motion and I see a real difference. Try it.

I listened to another episode of The Ready State podcast in which they discussed how the mind plays a role in endurance and performance. Alex Hutchinson was the subject-matter-expert and there and a ton of great takeaways for monkiis.

Lastly, I am psyched to introduce the monkii Book Club. Basically, I wanted to share some of the books I have read, or, am currently reading. I recently completed Empire of the Summer Moon and am about 1/3 through Sapiens. I cannot recommend these books enough and they actually have quite a bit of crossover so reading them back to back is encouraged.

If you haven't already, we Wildly appreciate and thank you if you can take the time to leave a 5-star review. It helps to spread the good word of the Wild and grow the monkii family. 

monkii on!

-monkii Dan

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