Ep 09: Making habit changes that stick with neuroscience coach Sara Hyzdu
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I’ve always struggled with habit change, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve got the greatest intentions, but quickly backslide into my old ways. Then in sets the guilt for not having enough willpower to make the change! But what if the problem isn’t willpower?

Whether you’re trying to change a money habit, start a budget, or find more time in your day, you’re going to want to listen to today’s episode. Neuroscience coach Sara Hyzdu is going to teach us the science behind effective habit change. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should focus on inspiration rather than motivation when it comes to habit change
  • The most important thing to give your brain to be able to keep focus during these challenging times
  • How to use the different mental space and time in your day while at home to build a new habit that you can hopefully keep once we return to life outside our households
  • How to use a when-then routine to stop your brain from operating on auto-pilot to making intentional decisions


About the Guest:

Sara Hyzdu is a neuroscience coach who helps people unleash their full potential by incorporating what the brain needs to be inspired.  She is the creator of NeuroInspire®, a program designed to increase personal effectiveness by using brain insights to create meaningful habits that last.  For those ready to ignite their impact, reach out to Sara via sara@whygreymatters.com


About the Host:

Janice Scholl has spent her entire career talking about money and business. Through her time as a commercial banker, consultant and mentor to budding entrepreneurs, she helped clients create solid business and financial strategies to help propel their business to success. While working with aspiring female entrepreneurs, Janice noticed that the same four themes kept repeating:

  • Many women are uncomfortable with finance, both in their business and in their personal life.
  • Women want access to more women mentors and advisors.
  • Women often start businesses because they feel the corporate world doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Few are motivated by purely financial reasons.
  • Mothers didn’t want money to drive their family decisions.

From these themes The Money, Career, & Motherhood Podcast was born. Now Janice spends her time helping mothers gain confidence and understanding about money, career, and business topics as they relate to motherhood and family – the way many women actually think about money. Janice loves helping mothers implement business and financial strategies within their families to help each family member thrive.


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