Ep 41 | Building an Open Source Music Community with Roneil Rumburg of Audius
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Richard Stallman, a Harvard educated software engineer, joined the MIT AI Lab in 1971 to help develop computing platforms… however the AI Lab shut down later in the 80’s as their talent was lost to the private sector.

Seeing how closed, proprietary software was on the rise, Richard used the knowledge he had accumulated over the years to create public, open source software… Software that users could operate, debug, modify or tweak without altering the initial distribution terms.

This movement: open source code… is now colliding with the world of digital commerce.

Audius, a new, open source music streaming platform gives musicians the same rights to their distribution… And users can leverage programmable money like USDC to exchange value and services on the platform.

In this episode of The Money Movement, Jeremy is joined by Roneil Rumburg, Co-Founder, and CEO of Audius.


They discuss:


👉 The concept of distributed, open source software

👉 How the Audius system works

👉 How tokens on the Audius network provide economic incentives

👉 How Audius is incentivizing protocol distribution

👉 The use of USDC and AUDIO in the context of Audius

👉 USDC and Solana

👉 The future of AUDIUS


If you’re a music, tech or crypto aficionado, and want to see how these worlds are merging in front of our eyes, or just curious about the real life application of a utility token, tune into this episode of The Money Movement.


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👉 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roneilr 


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