Divine Ascension to God Self Podcast
Iva Parker-Puie - Monad Centre of Balance
Welcome to the Divine Ascension to God-Self Podcast – by Iva Parker-Puie Co-Founder of the Monad Centre of Balance Meditation and Holistic Wellness. This Podcast is a platform of heart to heart streaming of Divine wisdom and knowledge for global Spiritual healing and the awakening of the consciousness and loving heart of the Divine Self. The information we share are natural transmission of Higher Truth we open to receive for all combine with our knowing and understanding of their nature embodied in our daily living. We ourselves were born with some Self awareness that for most of this life we have dedicated to understand deeply in meditation, inner learning and outer livingness that we share with you here. The Podcast will cover various topics throwing the Light of Higher Truth and the Guiding Grace that flows on the path of the Divine Ascension to God-Self. We share direct life experiences to expand awareness of this last journey every person will make and work towards salvation and freedom from suffering. There are many paths to the Divine Source, there are many layers of the Divine Truth we all know and understand in our own unique consciousness. We are all leaders and creators, unique in our field of Self. The sharing of our unique truth is the reason for the diversity of minds, it provides so many facets of understanding, experience and wisdom of the Infinite Creator that educates and evolves our understanding of our Divine Nature on multiple levels. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Enlightened Consciousness now evolving in humanity from the pressure of world crises pushing us to find new ways of relating to ourselves, to each other and the world we live in. Right now the next stage of the Divine Plan is unfolding as the Golden Age is the refining of higher vibrations and notes of the God-Self in all beings to re-establish the balance of light and dark, fear and love and feminine and masculine. We can choose to buckle under the weight of change or go deep and find that eternal power within us to rise above it. The knowledge and wisdom of the Divine Self is where we will find freedom and that next level of conscious elevation we need to make to salvage ourselves and our world from that plane of the conscious loving Self. Meditation is a major practice for inner transformation and the foundation to living consciously with heart awareness. In our own life experience and in the facilitating of group meditations we have witnessed its power to heal minds, and hearts supporting our community healing and Self Realisation processes. This Podcast will stream 3 series of Spiritual topics follow by a meditation to ground and deepen understanding of the learning in the 4th series. These meditations will later be compiled into CDs and MP3 available at www.monadcentre.com and Mobile App resource to support your Divine Ascension to God-Self journey. May the Divine Grace of Wisdom and Knowledge that flows through this Podcast a door to the Divine Self elevate human awareness to the Infinite Stream of their Infinite Self potential. We are the change our world needs today so join us and together we can make a difference. “Your Own Self Realisation is the Greatest Service You Can Render the World” – Raman Mahashi
Divine Ascension to God Self Podcast
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