#1999 Getting audience feedback before you build
Joining me is a listener who has started a company that I think is just phenomenally useful. I think when you hear how he came up with his idea, it’ll actually help you think of better products to create for your audience too. His name is John Li and he’s the founder of Pickfu, a do-it-yourself consumer research platform.

John Li is the founder of Pickfu, which allows you to get feedback from your target market in minutes.

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My First Million
My First Million
The Hustle & Shaan Puri
#130: How Solopreneurs are Making $1m+, Why Lists Suck, and The 5 Minute City
Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) host today's podcast. They discuss: * Shaan and his fund were featured in Business Insider * The guys talk about the business of "list making" * Shaan explains his reasoning for shutting down his All Access Pass newsletter * There is a movement towards "5-minute" cities and communities. Culdasac is a startup doing this * What is "solopreneurship"? And why is Shaan so bullish on it * Tiago Forte is building tiny homes * The guys discuss startups doing handwritten notes such as Addressable Thank you to our sponsor this episode, EPOS! EPOS are fantastic headsets that make it easy to work flexibly across situations and locations, with portable headsets including hassle-free device compatibility. If you are an IT manager running a big department or a head of a growing company looking to give your employees the best headset solution to work from home, check out eposaudio.com/millions for a free trial! Companies mentioned: * Shaan featured in BI https://www.businessinsider.com/this-vc-has-over-100-lps-on-the-waitlist-for-his-hot-new-rolling-fund-2020-11 * Sam's "city guides" https://chicago.curbed.com/2014/4/23/10110584/this-week-in-chicago-neighborhood-stereotyping * Culdasac https://culdesac.com/ * Tiago Fortes' tiny homes https://twitter.com/fortelabs/status/1325969162083004418 and https://www.forteshelter.com/about * Addressable https://www.addressablemail.com/ Have you joined our private FB group yet? It's a page where people share each others million dollar ideas or what they're already working on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ourfirstmillion.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
56 min
Today in Digital Marketing
Today in Digital Marketing
Tod Maffin
Google Sued Over “Fake” Reviews
Social media comments on Black Friday posts are up… WAY up…. How do you get negative reviews made by a fake person off your Google profile? One car salesman’s taking Google to COURT to try. Some nice updates to Snapchat’s campaign offerings… Google Ads’s desktop app gets an upgrade… and Twitter is not having a good Fleet week. *➡ Join our free Slack community!* *TodayInDigital.com/slack* ( http://todayindigital.com/slack ) *➡ Watch me produce this live at* *twitch.tv/todmaffin* ( https://www.twitch.tv/todmaffin ) *(about 12-3 PT weekdays)* *HELP SPREAD THE WORD:* ----------------------- * Tweet It: bit.ly/tweet-tidm ( http://bit.ly/tweet-tidm ) to preview a tweet you can publish * Review Us: RateThisPodcast.com/today ( http://ratethispodcast.com/today ) *ABOUT THE PODCAST:* -------------------- * Advertising: RedCircle.com/brands ( https://redcircle.com/brands ) and TodayInDigital.com/ads ( http://todayindigital.com/ads ) * Classified Ads: TodayInDigital.com/classifieds ( https://todayindigital.com/classifieds ) * Leave a voicemail at TodayInDigital.com/voicemail ( http://todayindigital.com/voicemail ) * Transcripts: See each episode at TodayInDigital.com ( http://todayindigital.com ) * Source links and full transcripts: TodayInDigital.com ( http://todayindigital.com ) * Email list: TodayInDigital.com/email ( http://todayindigital.com/email ) * Theme music: Mark Blevis ( http://markblevis.com/ ) (all other music licensed by Source Audio) *TOD’S SOCIAL MEDIA:* --------------------- * Twitter: twitter.com/todmaffin ( http://twitter.com/todmaffin ) * LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/todmaffin ( http://linkedin.com/in/todmaffin ) * Tod’s agency: engageQ.com ( http://engageq.com ) * TikTok: /tiktok.com/@todmaffin ( http://tiktok.com/@todmaffin ) * Twitch: twitch.tv/todmaffin ( http://twitch.tv/todmaffin ) (game livestreaming) *Today in Digital Marketing is produced by* *engageQ.com* ( http://engageq.com ) **
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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown
How to Leverage Partnerships For Rapid Growth w/ Tim Higham
Tim Higham is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience and several exits under his belt. He is currently the leading visionary and creator of AscendTMS, the world’s most popular TMS (Transportation Management System) software with over 30,000 customers in 20 countries. Tim is here to talk about how he is leveraging a unique partnership model to grow his business. He explains how the model works, who his first big partnership was, and the framework for how he monetized this partnership model. Tim also details how he scaled his processes holistically and nurtures his client relationships so that everyone profits. Tune in to hear some wise words on the benefits of using a milestone approach when going digital and the disadvantages that arise when you have too many developers on a project. During this interview, we discuss: 2:45 – What is TMS and how did Tim get into this industry? 13:44 – How a partnership model took Tim’s business to the next level 18:40 – Who the first big partnership integration Tim got was 20:15 – The framework for how he was able to monetize this model 22:18 – How Tim scaled his processes holistically after delivering customers to his clients + How he nurtures his relationships with his clients 27:24 – Using a milestone approach: The whole world is going digital, but you don’t need to solve the entire digital paradigm shift overnight… 29:57 – The downfall with having too many developers on a project 31:02 – Tim’s favorite growth tool 31:51 – Tim’s most recommended book 34:08 – How to connect with Tim Plus, a whole lot more! Tim's Websites: The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber Learn more about AscendTMS ————————- If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE / REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you never miss an episode. Connect with Dennis Brown AskDennisBrown.com LinkedIn Twitter Instagram [Free Giveaways]
35 min
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