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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an energetic guest, David Nurse who shares insights on how to attain your great goals, understanding true confidence, finding your life rhythm, and how to ultimately step up in life and business!

David Nurse is an NBA life and optimization coach, future bestselling author, mindset go-to guy, a worldwide keynote motivational speaker, a former professional basketball player (both international and domestic), and host of the Pivot and Go! Podcast. His new book, Pivot & Go is a compelling, hands-on blueprint to changing course and leading the life you want to live—today.

As a professional basketball player, David wanted to be an athletic NBA player but did not realize. Nonetheless, he understands that everything he puts out wasn’t a waste but actually the best setup for something better to come. He found the opportunity after one door closed. He strives to figure out what he can specialize in and found his niche. That made his mission, to be a coach in the NBA.

By fate and with hard work, David became a coach for the Brooklyn Nets, where he personally helped over 150 NBA players with their personal and professional development both on and off the court. Also, he has been invited to speak in over 50 different countries on the topics of overall personal development, confidence building, leadership, and motivational growth.

David really believes that it is about finding the clarity of what the great is and having the purpose behind your passion. The importance of enjoying the process of getting your small goals towards your huge goals to make it worth it. However, he emphasizes on beware of taking the good along the path and not your great. This is one thing that most people really hold them back from.

Presently, David enjoys helping and encouraging players with true passion and energy. Seeing them succeed into their life joy rather than just their life success. Happily leading others to be able to lead themselves so they can lead others as well!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Give us a little backdrop in terms of where the entrepreneurial journey started for you and where kinda transition to where we see it today? (00:41)
  • Is that something that you’ve experienced in your own journey in terms of looking back on the sequence of events, how many times either you could have led in and seen what you’ve made up or led down and just taken it at face value of what it is? (06:34)
  • Where did you start with in terms of getting that clarity in what your great looks like, and how you found it? (10:07)
  • In finding the rhythm that best works for you, what does that look like on a daily basis? How do you cultivate and create those energy levels to show up as the best on a daily basis to win and conquer the day? (13:20)
  • What are some of the confidence that you’ve seen that are imperative or maybe a parent and people’s mindset, and maybe the physical routine that leads to more confidence mentally? (17:58)
  • How have you handled the critic? (23:14)
  • Do you ever find that there is a time and a place to engage with those comments or to reflect on those things or should it just be whatever happens out there, will keep it on that side of the table? (25:47)
  • What are your brand and next level look like for David Nurse? (27:52)
  • In your opinion, who are some of the greatest leaders in the sports world, and why? (30:43)
  • What do you focus on this year for yourself that you feel that is gonna close some gaps or transcend you to that next level in terms of where you hold yourself accountable to get into? (32:09)
  • How do you keep your wife, and your marriage a priority, and what does that look like? (34:04)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How the NBA opens the door to David (03:37)
  • The willingness to say NO to pursue your GREAT (08:43)
  • Figuring out the true-Life Rhythm (11:29)
  • David’s Big 3 Needle Movers (14:52)
  • Understanding the True Confidence (20:16)


  •  “Are we willing to say NO to pursue our GREAT?”
  • “The biggest defender is our self by far.”
  • “One of the biggest and most powerful things is to admit that you’re wrong.”

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