Comeback Formula and Wealth Building Recipe to Live Your Dream Life Without Changing Your Lifestyle| Chris Harder
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a spectacular guest, Chris Harder who shares experience, insights, and tips to make your dream lifestyle, financial literacy, building the budget and money management, the timeline for unlocking real ROI and success, the formula for any kind of come back, how to level up business revenue during these COVID-19 times and much more about wealth building!

Chris Harder is an entrepreneur, executive life & career coach, philanthropist, entrepreneurial and public speaking coach, motivational speaker, investor, and host of the For The Love Of Money Podcast, a show that shares the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of how successful people have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success.

During the last recession, Chris and his wife started over again. They stripped everything not just financially but everything that comes along with it. Why did it happen? He admits they didn’t take care of their money and didn’t take it seriously. It came to the point that everything they’ve put in their house ends in Craigslist and judged by their neighbors. It was the most humiliating point of his life from an ego and financial standpoint. But it turned out to be the best point of their life as he found their runaway, and invented a new income source.

Chris believes that opportunity changes shape, therefore, he took advantage of it and recognizes where and how it is changing.  Just like finding ways how to bring your business revenue to the next level during these COVID times, and not screwed like anyone else. But adapting the changes in people’s behavior and innovating.

Furthermore, patience, clarity, and making pivots in order to get the destination and outcome you’ve wanted.  By living within your means and not being scared of the numbers. Figure out how much it does actually need to make to cover either today's budget or the dream budget. Don’t let social media actually lose the touch of the actual value of a dollar or a hundred or a million.

 In addition, Chris emphasizes to start not giving in the dark but where people see it to start the positive chain reaction for others to be inspired with and do the same. However, it is fine to go through selfish motivation first in order to get to the unselfish motivation. You just have to enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride, get the things, create the income-producing machine, and when you finally get that calling of giving, then lean into it.

As an advocate of multiple income sources, Chris suggests building a lifestyle as though if any one of your income sources went away today, you would have not to change your lifestyle tomorrow!


Some Questions I Ask:

  • What do you say to the person right now that might be starting their financial journey or maybe hit a rock bottom and COVID wipe them out or crashed their business or made some bad investment decisions and they’re really looking to pull themselves up? (01:21)
  • How long should somebody be thinking about living below their means and when is it time to start having freedom to spend your money where you wanted to?   (08:07)
  • What is your ideology around budgeting and financial rhythm or how to enhance financial literacy around money management? (11:11)
  • What people maybe should start thinking about now that might infuse motivation, inspiration, and passion for their wealth-building journey on what can be unlocked on the other side as well? (16:21)
  • What should people think about as they start building up their wealth, accumulation of funds, and opportunity to disperse and play those things?  (19:52)
  • What should people be thinking in terms of patience and the timeline for unlocking real success? (22:33)
  • What are some of the greatest areas people can focus on that will get them real ROI in the term of their wealth-building journey? (24:27)

 In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Chris lowest point in life (01:48)
  • The formula for any kind of comeback (03:13)
  • The good thing about finding your runway (03:43)
  • How to triple your business revenue during these COVID times (05:30)
  • How social media make us actually lose in touch of the actual value of a dollar (15:48)
  • How to start the positive chain reaction on giving (18:12)
  • Getting into the selfish motivation to get into the unselfish motivation – what does it mean (19:32)
  • Chris’ Rule of Thumb and Recipe to Live the Dream Lifestyle Tomorrow (20:47)
  • Why you should not rush out to buy a home to live in (26:46)
  • When is the safe time to finally buy your own home you want to live in with (28:56)
  • What are you guys thinking in terms of where your energy, effort, and money is gonna maybe be allocated towards in this market cycle over the next 5, 10 years? (29:30)


  • “It was the most humiliating point of my life but is also the best point of my life.”
  •  “Opportunity is a lot like energy, it never goes away, it just changes form.”
  •  “It’s okay to not be there yet because you will get there.”
  • “When you get to, there must be more.”
  •  “Live as though, build a lifestyle as though if any one of your income sources went away today, you would have not to change your lifestyle tomorrow.” 


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