The 3 Phases In The Life Of A True Leader | Chris Arnold
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have Chris Arnold who shares insights and knowledge about the advantage of networking in business, why diversification of income is important during this pandemic, what is Cause Marketing  and his best marketing channel, the pros of subscription based-model, the 3 phases of transitions in the life of a leader, and how to use the timeframe to achieve the goals you’ve wanted!

Chris Arnold is an entrepreneur, investor, a management and marketing consultant, radio coach that is teaching newbie entrepreneurs how to find real estate deals, podcast host, and founder/Chief Executive Officer at Multipliers Brotherhood, an expert community built for those pursuing a life of significance, while being a beast in business, and choosing to help others do the same. Using radio ads to find motivated sellers, he had closed over 2,500 deals in his flipping and wholesaling business.

Ever since Chris wanted to spend his life in the pursuit of adding value and impacting people, and the world, as well as living his core values. Being a world-class connector and naturally just love people,  able to create easily genuine and authentic relationships and friendships. Getting in touch with people brings him a lot of joy.

On the business side, although Chris wasn’t trained in it but still, he was able to manage and prosper it. He started in the brokerage world, in the real estate investment world by flipping and wholesaling, and then currently spending more time in the education world.

Despite this COVID-19 pandemic, Chris didn’t stop achieving his goals through the help of technology, and by applying a virtual model in his business. He’d still be able to plug into communities and create rhythm and calendars that would overlap by connecting and seeing people.

Chris obviously builds amazing wealth, however, doesn’t want to suck too deeply into the world of just earning money and chasing it. He emphasizes that entrepreneurs should learn working on the business, not in it. It is playing the game of business instead of being a slave inside the business that most entrepreneurs usually do.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did your entrepreneurial journey start? (00:53)
  • Is being sharp at business something that is naturally for you or has you built this confidence as a business owner? What does that path look like? (03:00)
  • When did the vision expand for you? What do you say to people who want to expand their vision? (05:39)
  • When did you feel like you had that breakthrough in your business toward playing the game instead of being a slave inside it? (07:28)
  • What does your real estate business look like today? (08:22)
  • What did that intentionality, plan, roadmap look like for your business model? (10:41)
  • How did Multipliers come about? (16:20)
  • What are some of the things that people can do to empower themselves to get the life that they’re looking to achieve? (20:19)
  • Is there a method to your madness? Do you have a framework or a roadmap to strengthening, building, and nurturing relationships? (22:34)
  • As you have been scaling Multipliers, what is the vision for it? (26:16)
  • What’s been some of the most profound AHAs for you this year in general? (27:54)
  • What kind of passive income, long-term cash flow, wealth building look like for you? What’s your mindset and mentality around that? (30:04)
  • You said Cause Marketing, what does that mean? (34:07)
  • What is REI Radio? (35:55)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Chris get into the business game without having experience or knowledge (04:02)
  • Transition from success moreover to significance – what does it mean (10:08)
  • The 3 phases of transitions in the life of a leader (13:44)
  • Why diversification of income is pushed too much during this crisis (28:45)
  • Subscription based-model versus traditional real estate (31:23)


“My primary job is to think not to execute anymore.”

“What got you here won’t get you there.”

“I was being led by the lead leaders and the influence influencers.”

“The epidemic and the entrepreneur world was isolation.”

Resources Mentioned:

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller

Bowling Alone book by Robert D. Putnam

Connect with Chris Arnold on:

REI Radio

Wholesalinginc Podcast

Multipliers Brotherhood



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