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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, Dan Fleyshman shares his secret sauce to success, and tips on how to be on top of your competitors, how to create a massive brand online, and how to balance your business portfolio!

Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history at 23, an Angel Investor in 36 companies, speaker at over 250 events, virtual mentor, and co-founded the “100 Million Mastermind Experience”. He launched 1 of the top 5 online poker sites globally, has thrown 37 “Elevator Night” events, and he has spent over $60 million dollars with social media influencers for fashion brands, film studios, mobile apps & consumer products.

The Model Citizen Fund charity is his passion which creates backpacks for the homeless filled with 150 emergency supply items inside. 

Dan had a background in business at a very young age. He sold candies in high school and started trademarking when he was 17. At 19, he closed a $9.5 million dollars licensing deal with STARTER apparel and launched the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink. Later, went on to launch Victory Poker, which became 1 of the top 5 online poker brands internationally.

Despite Dan’s success in business and career and having a world-class hall of fame network, he remains an introvert. How did he do it? Dan interacts with people from all walks of life-based on the things that are relevant to them & provide them the experiences for them to remember him by it.  This creates a feeling which creates a connection. Also, Dan only invests in companies that he could help with to consistently add value to people.

 Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did all start for you as an entrepreneur? (00:55)
  • How did you get to a place where you decided to go public about this thing? (04:58)
  • What would you say is the skill that you think is the core DNA principle of Dan Fleyshman? (09:42)
  • When does somebody go to keep earning the right to “take my eye off of my one thing”? (16:41)
  • What are some of the things that you looked for in your investment opportunities to attract bigger opportunities to scale and get to some of those different levels?   (18:46)
  • What have been some of your favorite investments that you’ve done? (22:55)
  • What is kind of your make up & allocation between businesses, real estate, and stocks? What do you think is kind of a healthy balance in the portfolio? (26:01)
  • How did you create your own network physically being an introvert as well as on digital being the smartest, most successful, most humble, & generous entrepreneur and business owner out there? (32:43)
  • What are your formula and your method to your madness to strengthen those relationships? (36:17)
  • Is that really you always the one commenting on everything? (41:16)
  • What are some of the things that you see really good influencers leveraging the right platforms for their business, brand, and opportunity, and what do you see as some of their common mistakes? (41:30)
  • How to not be overwhelm being on different social media platforms (44:22)
  • What are you most excited about right now that a lot of people you find are getting a lot of value & just as excited as you are? (46:00)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The biggest & hardest part of beverage companies & most product companies (07:15)
  • What makes Dan standout among competitors (10:28)
  • The possible things that will happen if you do business (12:46)
  • Tips before talking to investors  (19:21)
  • People need experience (38:52)


  • “The main thing you can sharpen in your skill is researching the industry you want to go into.”
  • “Failures are going to happen.”
  • “If you don’t adapt, you’re going to die.”
  • “You will stand out just by doing the basics.”
  •  “People cared.”
  • “Taking the actions will help huge.”
  • “You want engagement, you gotta engage.” 

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