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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a remarkable guest, Paul English who shares insights on his journey to building a huge life, creating maximum productivity, the key to balance life, time management, how to formulate investment decisions, health hacks that work, and achieving a life with minimal stress while giving an impact on the world!

Paul English is a Boston-based serial entrepreneur and activist, a former lecturer to different schools, and Co-founder of Lola, Kayak, Xiangqi.com, Moonbeam, GetHuman, Boston Light, and Intermute. He is also a nonprofit co-founder of King Boston, Summits and the Winter Walk. Paul also serves on the boards of  Partners In Health, Flying Kites, Village Health Works, and Humanity Rises.

Paul co-founded Kayak in 2004. It is a travel company that was sold for $2 billion. As he makes some pretty good money at that time, he never forgets to share it with his team. In fact, over half of his employees became a millionaire.

But prior to Kayak, Paul had already created five (5) successful companies that have a loving culture. He makes sure his team is the priority before the customer and the profit. How did that happen? The customers get surprised at something that they couldn’t get anywhere else; accordingly, all the finance will fall into place.

Moreover, Paul has always been transparent and honest about what things are going well and whatnot, and treats employees the same way. He creates a working environment that values people, and appreciates every single employee to work with the same side of things. Thus, makes them invigorated, and excited about their job.

Presently, being passionate about helping people, Paul wanted to make money as much as he can so he can give more impact to his 3 non-profits companies, and to the world as well!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How long have you been living kind of this business, life, and balance in your world? (01:35)
  • When you sold the Kayak company for $2 billion, what was that feeling like?  (02:53)
  • As you guys went into creating Kayak, was that the vision of where you thought you guys would end up? (04:59)
  • How would you say your company culture was? (06:18)
  • What do you think it is about you based on some of the reflections you’ve had that you’ve done really well as a leader or gaps that you need to attack? (09:19)
  • How do you keep and create that balance when you’re in the trenches to get some traction and momentum behind it? (10:48)
  • In terms of your morning or evening routines, which one do you like better, do you feel like is a ‘must-have” and staple that everyone should be incorporating in to serve at such a high level? (13:55)
  • How have you shown up to get a little bit more sleep? (15:52)
  • What has that kind of journey to enlighten or awareness look like for you? (19:14)
  • Are there any other characteristics that you see in others successfully that you’ve worked with or that have really worked well for you? (22:12)
  • What was your motivation for becoming an entrepreneur? (25:14)
  • Why do you go and continue down this grind and this path? Where’s that leading you to what’s your focus on today? (29:25)
  • How did you analyze whether or not it made sense to go after some of these businesses from a financial aspect? (30:56)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 3 priorities that Paul working every day (05:25)
  • The Fifteen Commitments of Conscious Leadership book (08:20)
  • How Paul mitigate his weaknesses (09:55)
  • The Secret to Minimizing Stress (12:10)
  • Paul health hacks (17:16)
  • How Paul formulate his investment decisions (27:11)


  • “Team first, customer second, and profit third.”
  • “If you cling to the past you just creating stress for yourself.”
  • “Work is all about ideation and how do you invent and solve problems.”

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A Truck Full of Money book by Tracy Kidder

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